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  • Dragulf Chess Books

    <p> Some of you may not have noticed these&nbsp;<a href="">fun chess books</a> even though we've had them for quite a while now. Since we're more than halfway through summer, and it's about time to plan for getting the kids back in school, we thought it was the perfect time to tell you a little more about them.</p><p><img src="" alt="Dragulf Books"></p><p> These books are perfect for kids who are learning to play chess. Colorful, engaging artwork plus illustrative diagrams and fun exercises help to keep youngsters interested and involved.</p><p>Dragulf is the little green chess dragon that is helping teach students about the amazing game of chess.</p><p> <img src="" alt="Easy to Learn, Fun to Play"></p><p> The main book is for complete beginners, and starts with the board and pieces, plus set up and basic moves. Critical thinking is encouraged with the exercises specific to pieces and other basic topics.There are also three corresponding workbooks.</p><p> <img src="" alt="Workbook 1"></p><p> Finally, the kids who are ready to move on will love the Tactics: Tricks of the Tribez series, which is 8 very fun books explaining basic parts of chess (Mate in 1 Move, Mate in 2 Moves, Ambush, Combinations, Fork, Pin, Studies, and Decoy).</p><p> <img src="" alt="Combinations"></p><p> Grab some of these books to help those young kids learn chess!</p>

  • Vertical Chess Sets (Wall-Mounted)

    <p> We thought it was about time to feature the beautiful and unique Straight Up Chess Sets. These awesome chess sets are wall-mounted sets that made to look like picture frames with clear stands for pieces and markers for last move and checkmate for games that go on for a long time (or if your opponent happens to not be with you when you make your move). </p> <p> You can browse our entire selection by <a href="" alt="Straight Up Chess Sets" title="Straight Up Chess Sets">CLICKING HERE</a>. You can also watch this great product video below! </p> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> </iframe> <p> These are also available in various sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits both your decorating style as well as your favorite wood pieces (pieces are not included with any of these sets). </p> <p> <img src="" height="400" alt="Vertical Chess Set"> </p> <p> If you're short on space or you like the look of playing chess on the wall instead of the table, this set is for you! The chess board is off the table, out of the closet, out of the way and beautifully displayed on the wall. Let the game begin! </p>

  • New Chess Equipment at Wholesale Chess

    <p> You may have noticed that we've introduced many&nbsp;<a href="">new products</a> over the last few weeks. This is because we know that sometimes you want more than just the regular ol' chess set that we've been offering for many years. In an effort to offer more of what you actually want, we're expanding our products.</p><p> Along with the new wood pieces we featured two weeks ago, we've also brought in the oft-requested <a href=";Bag+Type=Chess+Clock+Bag">clock bags</a> in several colors (red, green, black, and blue) and sizes. We have a wedge bag that fits most clocks, and two bags designed specifically for Chronos clocks - the GX, or smaller, version, and the larger regular version. These two bags do also fit other clocks if you don't have a Chronos.</p><p><img src="" width="500" alt="Wedge Clock Bags"></p><p> Not looking for a chess clock bag? As you know, we also introduced Millennium chess computers as well as a whole new line of weighted plastic chess pieces. If you're sick of the same old standard Staunton designs and want to spruce up your game a little, you'll love these new sets!</p><p><img src="" width="600" alt="Hastings Chess Pieces"></p><p> We've got some new scorebooks for you, too. These high-quality hard-cover scorebooks are made here in the USA and are available in 22 colors, including some velour (suede-like), and a few metallic covers. Whatever your personality is, you can find a scorebook to match!</p><p><img src="" alt="Quality HardCover Scorebook" width="600"></p><p> Finally, we've also brought in a 4-player chess board. We know many of you have asked for it, and here it is! Gather your friends together and pair off or partner up for a much more intemse chess game!</p><p><img src="" width="600" alt="4-Player chess Board"></p><p> Still not satisfied? If you can't find what you like, contact our Customer Service department and let us know. We want to make sure we have what you need so we can best serve you!</p>

  • NEW: Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces with Extra Queens!

    <p> If you've ever gotten -- or wanted -- a set of our Classic Wood Chess Pieces, you're going to love our new announcement! We've got some new Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces, which are almost exactly the same as our Classic Wood Pieces, only with a couple of minor improvements.</p><p><img src="" width="500"></p><p> These new pieces, like the Classic pieces, are available in two wood types and four sizes (2.5" king, 3" king, 3.5" king, and 3.75" king). The light pieces are made from boxwood, and the dark pieces are either made from sheesham (which closely resembles walnut) or ebonized hardwood, which essentially is boxwood that's been lacquered black.</p><p> These pieces are also nicely weighted and have a significant heft to them that makes them easy and fun to play with. But that's not the best part -- the biggest difference between these and the classic pieces is that these new sets also include EXTRA QUEENS!</p><p> These pieces are made in the traditional Staunton style. They also come with a thin cloth drawstring bag with the Wholesale Chess logo printed on it.</p><p><img src="" width="500"></p><p> If you've ever wanted a simple and inexpensive wood chess set, this is the set for you!&nbsp;<a href="">Find them here</a>.</p>

  • Tournament Chess Equipment

    <p>One question we get asked often -- about every single product on the website -- is "Will this work at my tournament?"</p><p>Here's the long answer:</p><p>Unfortunately, that's not a question we can always answer with perfect surety. Chess pieces with a 3-3/4" king and boards with 2-1/4" squares are tournament standard, so they are always approved, but then the rules can get into a little gray area. Tournament directors have the last say on what is or is not allowed at any given tournament, and sometimes they have very specific rules about board color, piece material (plastic versus wood or some other medium), allowed clocks, and more.</p><p>We know of times when a tournament director has refused to allow a player to use a set with a blue board simply because of the color. We also have heard of a director not allowing a set because the king was 3-7/8".&nbsp;We also know of many situations where people have used wooden pieces, the larger premier pieces with 4-1/8" king, or even the silicone pieces that have only a 3-1/2" king.&nbsp;</p><p>Of course, people should always get a set that they love for casual and club play, and if that doesn't fit tournament standard, that's okay!</p><p>The short, vague, and still most correct answer to the question of&nbsp;"Will this work at my tournament?", then, is "You'll have to check with the tournament director." Be sure that what you have or want to use is approved!</p>

  • Club Chess Pieces Differences

    <p> We get asked frequently what the difference is between our sets of club chess pieces. Since it's such a common question, we thought we'd share those differences right here.</p><p> <strong>Analysis Chess Pieces</strong></p><p> These pieces are the smallest plastic pieces we sell (outside of the magnetic travel sets). They are not tournament standard size - the king is only 2.5" - but they are perfect for travel, analysis, and small desks and tables. This set does not have extra queens, and the pieces are not weighted.</p><p> NOTE: We often have people get these on accident because they are cheaper than the basic pieces, and then are surprised when the pieces are so small. These are definitely not standard size pieces. They do not meet tournament standards!</p><p> <strong>Basic Chess Pieces</strong></p><p> Basic Pieces are standard size (3.75" king) with extra queens and are hollow plastic. These are perfect for schools where the pieces don't really need to be high-end but you want students and club members to be able to play with and get used to the size of chess pieces they'll be using in a tournament. They're economical, classic Staunton style, and easy to recognize.</p><p> <strong>Quality Club Chess Pieces</strong></p><p><img src="" alt="Quality Club Pieces" width="600"></p><p> These pieces are a step up from the basic pieces. They're solid plastic, so they're a little heavier and harder to break. They are available only in natural and black, although we have two different shades of the light pieces - a lighter original color and a darker new shade that is more brown. You can select which of these you would prefer. These are also standard size and design, and they include extra queens.</p><p> <strong>Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces</strong></p><p> These pieces are identical to the basic pieces except they have weights inserted into them. These weights make them triple weight equivalent. They are great for tournaments because they meet USCF standards and regulations. These are definitely fan-favorite pieces!</p><p> <strong>Basic Chess Pieces Color Half Sets</strong></p><p> These pieces are also identical to the basic pieces, except they come in bright colors! Each of these sets features only one side of the board, so if you want a full set, you'll need to select two colors. You'll get an extra queen of each color you choose, so it'll be just like getting a standard set only letting your personality shine through with different colors.</p><p><img src="" alt="Basic Club Color Half Sets" width="600"></p><p> <strong>Silicone Chess Pieces</strong></p><p> We love these novelty pieces. They're a little smaller than standard height (the king is 3.5") but they more than make up for their size in fun. They're made of rubbery silicone, so you can bend, throw, or otherwise abuse them without worrying about them breaking if they fall of the table.</p><p> For clubs, beginners, travel sets, and colorful sets, club chess pieces are the way to go. You'll get an economical set that's still functional and fun!</p>

  • Our New Basic Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces

    <p> We know many chess players like to have a wooden chess set, either for display or for playing because they like the nostalgic feel. Some people like to give away a set as a prize at a tournament, or as a graduation present, or even just because they know someone who could use one. But the problem is that wooden sets get expensive very quickly.</p><p> For the discerning eye, the general rule of "the more you pay, the better quality you get" is true. If you want a detailed, weighted, hand-carved set of wooden chess pieces, you're not going to get them cheaply unless they're very low quality. However, for many people getting their first real wooden set, including beginners and kids, you don't want to break the bank on something that may or may not pan out.</p><p> Don't worry, though, we've got your back!</p><p><img src="" alt="New Wood Pieces"></p><p> We're introducing a new set of very inexpensive wood pieces. They're simple, unweighted, and do not include extra queens, but they're also fun and they come in four different sizes. Each piece has paper felt on the bottom.</p><p> The smaller two sizes have the most simple Staunton design and are available in a 2-1/2" king or a 3" king.</p><p><img src="" alt="Basic Staunton Wood Pieces - Small"></p><p> The larger two sizes have a slightly more detailed Staunton design.</p><p><img src="" alt="Basic Staunton Wood Pieces - Large"></p><p> Each set also includes a cloth drawstring bag, which makes it easy to store them or take them to and from the chess club.</p><p><img src="" alt="Drawstring Bag"></p><p>Don't forget - these pieces are perfect for anyone who wants an economical wood set for casual play!</p>

  • Spring is Here - It's Time for a Sale!

    <p>The snow is melting (in some places), the sun is coming out, and the weather is less frigid, which can only mean one thing - spring is coming!</p><p>Yes, we know; the first day of spring was March 20th, but it was pretty cold and snowy for us that day, so it was hard to believe it was real. Now, though, we're ready to jump on board and enjoy the nicer weather. We still sympathize with those of you who haven't yet escaped the snow and ice.</p><p>With the onset of spring comes several holidays, including Easter! And while flowers, bunnies, chicks, and eggs are abounding, we decided it was a perfect time to have a sale. Because we all know you were pondering how to include chess in your spring break and Easter plans.</p><p>This sale runs through Easter Sunday (April 1st). We promise to not play any April Fool's Day pranks on you by stopping the sale before the day is through.</p><p>You can save up to 20% on this sale, depending on the value of your order. You can save 10% on any orders, though, so there are savings no matter how much you need to get. And don't forget that there's free standard shipping on orders over $65 to the continental United States! Standard shipping is shipped via FedEx Smart Post, FedEx Ground, or USPS.</p><p><a href=""><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/wsc-20180323.jpg"></a></p><p>Also, random fun fact: several well-known chess players were born during the month of March, including Siegbert Tarrasch on the 5th, Bobby Fischer on the 9th, Veselin Topalov on the 15th, Vassily Ivanchuk on the 18th, and Efstratios Grivas on the 30th. We think that, as much as anything else, is a good reason to play chess this month. Thanks to&nbsp;<a href="">ALCHEssMIST Chess History</a> for having that information easy to find.</p>

  • A Note About School Purchase Orders & Requests

    <p> We love that so many kids these days are playing chess. Chess is great for intellectual growth as well as other life skills like critical thinking, decision making, and strategy (anyone who tells you that isn't a crucial life skill is crazy). And we definitely want those kids to be able to play easily at school or other local clubs, so when you need chess supplies, you can get them here. In fact, schools are our most common customers! </p> <p> A common question we get asked here at Wholesale Chess is whether we accept school purchase orders. The answer is: Yes! We accept purchase orders from public schools and government entities. Just make sure your purchase order is completely filled out and signed, and then fax or email it to us and we'll get started right away! </p> <p><img src="" alt="Quality Club Chess Set"> <p> We can usually process a PO in 24 to 48 hours if it is correctly submitted. If you haven't heard anything from us in 48 hours, please call or email us - there is a chance we either didn't yet receive your purchase order or cannot process it for various reasons (usually because we have questions on it). </p> <p> We often get POs requesting a "Chess Set". We appreciate that you want a chess set for your school, city, library, or club - and you've definitely come to the right place for that! - but we sell a lot of chess sets in many varieties and in a lot of different colors. When possible, note the SKU on the item page, but if that just isn't possible for you for whatever reason, please be as specific as possible, including the title of the item and what color you want. Please also ensure that you've notated how many you want. </p> <p><img src="" alt="Keychain Chess Sets"> <p> If you're a teacher from your school and you've been tasked with getting chess gear, you may want to run through your school's policies before you contact us. We often get people asking us to send them a PO so they can get it signed. We are happy to send you a quote if you need something to present, but we do not create purchase orders - your school's office will have to handle that. </p> <p> Another note: we do not charge tax on any orders outside of Utah. If you are located in Utah, fax or email your tax exempt information with your PO so we can make sure your order is not delayed. </p> <p><img src="" alt="25-inch Giant Chess Pieces"> <p> Finally, we get many requests for W-9 forms to be emailed to set us up as a vendor in your school or district. That's perfectly fine; we are happy to do that! You can call, email, or even chat with us using the box in the bottom right corner of your screen during business hours to let us know you need a W-9. We can usually email those to you within a few minutes of receiving your request. </p>

  • About Scratch & Dent Items

    <p> We've had several common questions being asked about our&nbsp;<a href="">Scratch &amp; Dent</a> and Imperfect items. We're going to try to answer some of them here so you can be informed before you make any decisions about purchasing. Of course, if you have any questions that aren't answered here, you're always welcome to contact us!</p><p> <strong>Question: What's wrong with it?</strong></p><p> This is probably the most-asked question we get in regard to our imperfect items, but it's also the most difficult to answer, because the answer is that it depends on what the item is. Generally speaking, our Scratch &amp; Dent items have cosmetic damage, like a crack, a broken corner, or a bubble in the plastic/silicone. Sometimes there's a smudge of color where it shouldn't be. The main thing to remember is that all of these items are usable and playable at a greatly reduced cost to you.</p><p><img src="" alt="Imperfect Giant Chess Board"></p><p> <strong>Question: What colors are available? Can I get one in a specific color?</strong></p><p> While we do make every effort to honor special requests, the fact of the matter is that sometimes it is impossible for us to get a specific color/size/style of an imperfect item. They are often available only in very small quantities and they usually go very quickly.</p><p> <strong>Question: I'd like more of the imperfect item than you have available. Can I back-order some or be put on a waiting list?</strong></p><p> As these items aren't brought in for the express purpose of being sold as imperfect items, but rather are items we check after they've been brought into our warehouse and notice slight defects, we can't ever promise that another one is going to be available any time soon, or that you can be put on a waiting list for one. If everything went according to plan, we'd never have any imperfect items, because we'd much rather sell products without any problems. We can't put you on a waiting list or back-order something for you because there is no telling when or even if we'll get any of these imperfect items back in stock again.</p><p><img src="" alt="Imperfect Silicone Board"></p><p> <strong>Question: What's with the Grab Bags?</strong></p><p> This is a common question, too. In the course of doing business, we occasionally end up with an excess of certain chess pieces. When we get too many to realistically keep in a box, we put them together and sell them as a grab bag. These are great if you have a lot of chess sets at a school or club and need replacement pieces, or if you want to give away pieces as mementos or door prizes. They're extremely inexpensive and useful to have around. They also are not imperfect items. These are simply overstock chess pieces that need to be cleared out of the warehouse.</p><p> <strong>Question: Can I back-order a Grab Bag?</strong></p><p> For the same reason we can't back-order imperfect items, we cannot back-order grab bags. It is never certain when or if we might get an excess of those same pieces again.</p><p> <strong>Question: What's with the Chess Mentor software?</strong></p><p> The makers of Chess Mentor software have decided to discontinue making and/or supporting it. It is not used or scratch &amp; dent. It is merely an overstock, clearance item due to its being discontinued. Because of its extreme discount, we added it to our Scratch &amp; Dent section. We get asked frequently if it runs on Windows 8 or Windows 10. The short answer is generally, yes. We know of some people that have had trouble installing and running it on a newer machine, but most people have no problems.</p><p> <strong>Conclusion</strong></p><p> Well, with all of that out of the way, we'd love to invite you to view the items in our&nbsp;<a href="">Scratch &amp; Dent</a> section. Most of them are still beautiful and useful, and we would never sell anything we wouldn't want to use ourselves. If you don't mind cosmetic imperfections and love a great deal, then these are the chess products for you!</p>