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ROMAN'S LAB - VOLUME 85 - Understanding the Concepts of the Middlegame based upon Opening Strategy

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Hosted by: Grandmaster Roman Dzinzichashvili
Running Time: Over 81 Minutes

On this DVD, Grandmaster Roman and Rybka provides a very instructive handbook for players of all levels that will keep you correctly focused on middlegame ideas and concepts. These ideas are based on opening strategy as well as basic principles , including a powerful presentation on the importance of pawn structures. Roman will demonstrate these ideas using examples that were taken from his own games. Roman will also discuss his favorite openings and the importance of understanding the opening ideas and what you should strive for when transitioning into the middle game.

With this DVD, Roman will teach you how to analyze a position using the basic principles of chess, such as piece development, piece placement and pawn structure and determine the best course of action. For example, if your opponent has an isolated pawn, one of Roman's suggestions is to exchange pieces with your opponent to weaken his already compromised position. Roman will also teach you how to take advantage of symmetrical pawns structures which usually favor White. Examples on blockading pawns and dominating squares are given to enlighten the viewer about these critical concepts so you can recognize them and correctly apply them in your own games.

To the untrained eye, pawn structures are very difficult to assess. What should you do? What shouldn't you do? This DVD will show you how to apple your understanding of opening strategies and concepts to determine the best course-of-action .

You are invited to sit back, relax, and let Roman increase your level of understanding of the middlegame.

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ISBN 885007032502
Popular Collections Roman's Lab
Runtime 81 Minutes
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
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ROMAN'S LAB - VOLUME 85 - Understanding the Concepts of the Middlegame based upon Opening Strategy