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50 Poison Pieces

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50 Poison Pieces
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.
Lauren Goodkind, who is a respected chess teacher in the San Francisco bay area, wrote 50 Poison Pieces, a fun puzzle book to help her students and any novice chess player to avoid capturing unprotected pieces that look safe to capture, which are actually poison! In each of the 50 unique puzzles that Lauren created, you are asked to figure out why capturing an unprotected piece is a mistake, or in other words, the poison piece. Next, you turn the page to learn why capturing that piece is the poison piece. Then immediately you are shown two alternative moves. One is bad and will lead to a losing position. But the other move puts you on track to a win. Which move will you pick? By learning to avoid capturing poison pieces, you will start to understand and use the most important chess strategy of all: always think ahead! Players rated under 1000 will especially benefit from 50 Poison Pieces.