A Complete Guide to Playing 3 Nc3 Against the French Defence

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A complete guide to playing 3 Nc3 against the French Defence Two great books from the Everyman Chess Library, French Classical by Byron Jacobs and French Winawer by Neil McDonald, brought together in one volume In French Classical International Master Byron Jacobs offers a fresh look at the Classical variation of the French Defence, which has been popular for nearly a century and is championed by such fighting players as Victor Korchnoi and Alexander Morozevich.

All of the important variations are considered in detail with particular emphasis on those which are most fashionable. A modern look at the highly fashionable French Winawer, which remains the sharpest variation of the French Defence. It leads to the kind of dynamic positions in which the better prepared and more aggressive player will invariably prevail. Leading expert Neil McDonald explains the strategy and tactics of this exciting opening in a clear and concise manner.
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