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A Shortcut to Winning Bridge

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A Shortcut to Winning Bridge
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

As one of the nation's leading tournament players and champions, Alfred “Freddy” Sheinwold's star has literally skyrocketed in the last few years. He is the author of six best-selling books on bridge and co-author, with Edgar Kaplan, of another recent bestseller, “How to Play Winning Bridge,” which has gone into many big-volume printings. For six consecutive years, Alfred Sheinwold has won more master points each year than are required in a lifetime to become a life master. His daily bridge column has an estimated fifty million readers and the list of papers using it continues to grow at a rapid pace. During Freddy Sheinwold's many years of bridge, he has played many thousands of hands; out of this group he has selected for the book the one hundred which he considers the most interesting and instructive for detailed analysis.

This new book highlights and summarizes the various bidding systems and the most widely used conventions. It gives deft insight into the strategy and psychology of playing Winning Bridge. This Sheinwold book has every attribute that appeals to me and should appeal to everyone interested in bridge. It is authoritative. It is comprehensive, including a full review of the requirements for bids in all situations. It presents the fine points of bridge in the most palatable way, with bridge hands that are intrinsically interesting and that also teach lessons that can be applied to innumerable other hands arising in normal play. Almost any time one plays bridge he is likely to encounter a situation in bidding or play that will be clear to him because of something he read in this book.

“Not the least part of the book's charm for me is the group of essays on interesting aspects of bridge, some of them technical or instructive but others concerned with sidelights that would engross even a person who does not play bridge.” Albert H. Morehead Bridge Editor of The New York Times.
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