Fried Liver & Burning Pants - Curious But True Chess Stories & The Lessons we Learn From Them

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Beginner and Intermediate
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Jay Stallings
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Coach Jay Stallings takes coaches and players alike through some of the strangest and weirdest (yet true!) stories in Chess. From how Ossip Bernstein had to save his own life with a game of chess to Bobby Fischer's amazing winning streak to Harry Nelson Pillsbury's ability to play Chess, Checkers and cards at the same time, there is something in here for everyone, complete with Coach Stalling's insights on what you can learn from these stories to improve your own game!

Not just a book of fun chess stories, Fried Liver and Burning Pants is an introduction to some of the more important characters and events in the history of modern chess.  Additionally, there are short "mini-lessons" that are connected to the stories.  In each "mini-lesson", there are four thematic problems of increasing difficutly to solve, Rookie, Club Player, Club Champ and Expert.

About the Author

"Coach Jay" started teaching chess in 1994. He enjoys sharing the funny side of chess with his students. He and his wife, Michel, founded California Youth Chess League, a non-profit organization with the mission of "empowering youth to grow through chess". CYCL teaches about 700 students in 20 schools. Coach Jay and his wife have two sons, Ryan, and Jackson who both enjoy playing chess. Coach Jay maintains a rating of about 2100 USCF and FIDE.

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