Chess Informant - Issue 138

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Inarkiev - Bourne is not Superior any more (Carlsen – Caruana World Championship Match 2018. – complete coverage)

 Dimitrijevic – Ju Wenjun’s Marvelous 2018

Milanovic - The Unconquerable Great Wall Of China (Chinese Success in Batumi)

Ragger – Mamedyarov’s Surprise in the Open Ruy Lopez

Markuš – Robert’s High Ground Musings – New Ideas in the Winawer

Jacimovic – The European Club Cup (Greece)

Ivaniševic – The Panov Attack (Caro Kann)

Marin – b4 PAWN - A Brave Foot Soldier (Old Wine in New Bottles)

Perunovic – Batumi 2018 Olympiad - Opening Survey

Delchev -  The Semi Slav (Complete Repertoire for Black) – part 3

Chess Studies Section – World Congress of Chess Composition – Ohrid 2018.

Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, problems, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.

The periodical that pros use with pleasure is at the same time a must have publication for all serious chess students!

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