Modern Chess Openings 15'th Edition (MCO-15)

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Nick de Firmian
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Modern Chess Openings is the best and most trusted tool for serious chess players on the market. It is so trusted that it is known as the chess players bible.
First published over a half-century ago, this Modern Chess Openings is a completely revised and updated to reflect all of the latest changed in the game, including tournament matches and important works on theory.
Modern Chess Openings is ideal for beginners learning the fundamentals of chess, intermediate players ready to elevate their game to the next level, or International Grandmasters who want to stay on top of recent chess innovations. MCO-15 is the best and most trusted tool for learning chess openings.
MCO-15 is written buy Nick De Firmian, who is acclaimed as the world's leading expert on chess openings. He "taught" the supercomputer Deep Blue the opening moves it used to defeat World Champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.
In 2008 de Firmian reigned as the United States Chess Champion---making him a three-time winner of the top American title. He has also represented the United States in seven Chess Olympiads and three World Championship cycles.

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  • 4
    Modern Chess Openings <br>15'th Edition (MCO-15) 4 Stars

    Posted by James from Minneapolis on 27th Apr 2013

    This Chess opening book is a must to have book for all those who want to keep their knowledge in openings up to date.

  • 5
    Modern Chess Openings <br>15'th Edition (MCO-15) 5 Stars

    Posted by Jeff from Phoenix on 27th Apr 2013

    Not a learning resource--a reference book. This is quite extensive and useful to help tighten the screws on your openings and help others with theirs. This does not explain strategies, but gives specific moves on theory. The downside is that it doesn't give lines on very specific openings, such as the Portuguese Variation of the Scandinavian Defense. If you don't have ChessBase and need to study openings, there's no better choice than this book.

  • 5
    Modern Chess Openings <br>15'th Edition (MCO-15) 5 Stars

    Posted by Erik from Rockford on 27th Apr 2013

    Essentially every opening you need to know with many variataions. Each section is led with an informative essay about the opening (history, pitfalls, uses, etc.). Followed by endless variations with thousands of games with results. Major Drawback: Does not clearly explain which variations are better than others. Certainly not for the faint of heart. NOT a useful tool for learning how to play openings, but DEFINITELY a useful tool for studying variations of openings. Kind of like an encyclopedia: handy to have around if you know exactly what you want to learn.