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Move by Move: The Nimzo-Indian

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Move By Move
Move by Move: The Nimzo-Indian
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.


This is a new series which provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the
reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning
and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected
questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you
learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills
and knowledge.

In this book, Grandmaster John Emms invites you to join him in a study of the Nimzo-Indian – an opening which
is highly popular at all levels of chess and has been his favorite defence to 1 d4 for over 30 years. Here he shares
his experience and knowledge, examines the opening from both sides of the board and offers answers to all the key

  • Essential guidance and training in the Nimzo-Indian
  • Written by a renowned Nimzo-Indian expert
  • Includes a Nimzo-Indian repertoire for Black


Limited Warranty provided by the publisher.