The Modern Endgame Manual - Mastering Minor Piece Endgames - Vol. 1

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We are very proud to present the first FIDE-approved endgame manual, written by 3 of the world leading experts: FIDE Senior Trainers IGM Mikhalchishin, IGM Grivas and IGM Balogh. A total of 14 endgame books will take you step-by-step from king & pawn endgames all the way through to extremely complex and materially-unbalanced endgames. Become an expert and learn to enjoy even more the "silent beauty" of the endgame.

The second book of the Modern Endgame Manual series is dedicated to the bishop endgames. Bishop endgames are the second most common type of endgames after rook endgames, therefore mastering them is essential. The book contains many theoretical and practical positions. It is divided into three sections - Opposite colored bishop endgames, Same colored bishop endgames and Bishop vs pawns.

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