DGT 3000

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6.5" x 4.5" x 2.75"

The DGT3000 replaces the DGT XL and has many new features:

  • seconds are shown from the start
  • larger display with more information
  • 25 pre-set timing systems
  • 5 slots for customized settings
  • 5 year warranty!

Timing modes include:

  • Time/Sudden Death
  • Delay
  • Bronstein Delay
  • Fischer Bonus
  • Tournament (with up to three time controls)
  • Byo-yomi
  • Canadian Byo-yomi
  • Upcount

The DGT 3000 connects to all DGT Electronic Chess Boards.

Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • 3
    Inferior value

    Posted by seblick on 25th May 2016

    I purchased this recently and have had a fair time to compare it with the Chronos GX and the new VTek 300.
    First impression out of the box is rather poor. It is lightweight plastic, well-moulded but insubstantial and seemingly fragile. While plastic can be very tough in reality that is not a fatal flaw, but in all honesty compared to the two metal Chronos and VTek clocks it is somewhat pathetic.
    The off/on switch is on the bottom, and is not as convenient as the other two.
    Programming is not difficult but in use it does not measure up. Its low mass allows it to move during heavy play (it uses buttons and has no touch sensor option). The Chronos and Vtek are much more substantial due to their metal construction.
    No move counter is displayed on the display in the DGT, a curious omission to my mind. The display itself is decent but the time shows in rather thin font, a bit hard to read in certain conditions. The presets are heavily biased towards FIDE controls vs USCF, but that is to be expected considering its origins. It allows for 5 saved user presets, in contrast to the Chronos' 12 and the Vtek's 30.
    As for value, priorities vary. This clock connects with the DGT data chess boards, so it may factor in to your own evaluation.
    The Chronos GX costs only slightly more, has a better display, is to my mind easier to program and is built to last for many years. It also shows a move counter (as does the Vtek). I would buy the Chronos GX (either the button or touch control) without hesitation over the DGT.
    The VTek 300 is a huge improvement over the Chronos GX, featuring a straightforward, logical and versatile interface with superior customization of time controls and an excellent display. It is essentially bombproof. Whether it is worth a $50 premium over the Chronos is up for debate, but it is certainly the best chess clock ever designed, IMHO.
    This makes the DGT 3000 a poor also-ran unless you need it for your DGT board. It is not a bad product, just inferior to some of its competition.

  • 1
    DGT3000 not USA suitable

    Posted by Karl on 15th Mar 2015

    I bought a DGT3000 after watching a video on how easy it was to set and figured it would make a nice clock for my vacation home. No sense having two Chronos clocks. Mistake. BIG mistake. 24 of the first 30 presets are for presets no one uses in American tournaments. We use delay here - not Bronstein or Fischer or 30 second delays. The game times must be for Europe. This clock can receive 5 user presets - Chronos can receive 12! Chronos has dozens of American times and all times can be customized. Not possible on the DGT3000. Perhaps this clock would be suitable for casual play. But, it's too light and flimsy to survive 5 minute chess clock banging.
    I ordered a second Chronos from Wholesale Chess which got here in 4 days. And, it only cost 15 dollars more. Learn from my mistake - buy a Chronos.

  • 5
    DGT 3000

    Posted by Brian Ossinger [The Saint John Chess Club] on 11th Feb 2015

    Hopefully this clock will resolve the problem of the center joint of the switch wearing out. Too early to tell yet, have worn 6 clocks of the old style out so far!

  • 4
    Great Functionality

    Posted by Thomas on 2nd Feb 2015

    This clock is a huge improvement over what I have been using in terms of functionality. I play quite bit of tournament chess with various time controls. Up until now I have been using the Chronos Digital Chess Clock II with Touch Switch Black. That clock is almost impossible to navigate and program on the fly. The Chronos clock however is better for standard blitz chess. The DGT 3000 on the other hand is impressively easy to program based on whatever time controls you need. As a personal preference I wish that the DGT 3000 was a little heftier. The casing is all very lightweight plastic. The paddle also should be made to be a bit heavier.