ZMF-II Digital Chess Timer Black with Red LED

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Clock Dimensions:
6.75" x 3.5" x 2.5"
Clock Batteries:
4 x C
Batteries included?:
Clock Manufacturer:
Clock Material:
Clock Type:
Delay feature?:

The latest chess timer from ZMartFun.  The ZMF-II has modern, bright LED display technology, stainless steel, accurate, touch sense buttons, and durable plastic case made here in the USA.

  • Stainless steel touch sensing buttons
  • Easy to program menus
  • Delay, Increment, Hour-glass, and Byo-yomi timing modes
  • Programmable tournament modes with moves counter. Three time controls available
  • Dual timer mode (both timers can go up or down simultaneously or one at a time)
  • Three different preset settings/modes can be kept in memory at all times

Stable low profile with anti-slide rubber feet.  Turn sound and lights on or off, Low power consumption means 1600 hours of use in normal conditions with 4 C batteries (not included). Intended for indoor use as the LED display is not as clear in direct sunlight.

One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. Made in USA.

This looks like the Chronos.  Is it the same?  The ZMF-II has fewer features than the Chronos, but most everything you will need. Chronos has a metal case. ZMF-II is plastic. However at half the price you can buy two for the price of a Chronos. 


Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.


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    Great value for the dollar!

    Posted by TROY on 28th Nov 2015

    I purchased them in a set,. I matched the l.e.d. colors with the heavy duty tournament, chess pieces and silicone board and bags. This gave me nice options!

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    Excellent clock for the price!

    Posted by Mike on 20th May 2015

    I had a Chronos that I loved, but due to my own negligence it was stolen. So I needed a replacement clock and decided to try this one. I really like the touch sensor button and wanted to stick with that. So what is to like about the clock?
    Price - at less than half the price of a Chronos, a great deal!
    Quality - Plastic, as opposed to the metal case on a chromos. Yes it does have a kinda "cheap" feel to it because the clock is plastic, but it is still a very good clock.
    Features - Doesn't have the bells and whistles of the chronos, but still has plenty of great features. It will hold 3 different clock settings as opposed to 5 for the chromos, but for me its not a big deal.
    Battery Compartment - Yes it can be slightly difficult getting the batteries in, but it not anything anyone will not be able to do.
    Design - Nice sloped face like the chromos.
    Display - Nice bright display.

    I think the one drawback is the red reset button. It looks and feel cheap. But that is the only bad thing I can say about this clock.

    This a great clock, and an even better deal for the price. You cant go wrong this clock.

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    Pretty good, not great

    Posted by Jeff on 18th Nov 2013

    I recently purchased two of these clocks for my elementary school chess club. I'm a tournament player and rely on my beloved Chronos; and these second edition ZMFs seemed to replicate a lot of that look in a much more inexpensive package. While I'm pleased overall (and might have given them 3 1/2 stars), there are some design issues that brought it down a notch.

    Pros: Nice look, high-visibility numbers, easy on-off, touchpads appropriately responsive. With the four C batteries it requires, it gains a good bit of heft, and the sloped-face design gives it a low center of gravity so it's unlikely to be knocked off the table. The body is plastic, not metal, but still feels fairly solid. It's also easy to set, as long as you take a little time to practice with it.

    1) I selected the red because I thought it would be easier on the eyes. This is probably true, but it is still a little harsh.
    2) The clock is delay-capable; but instead of just delaying the countdown, it actually flashes back and forth between the clock time and the countdown. For example, with a five-second delay it will read 05, then flash to 5:00, then 04, then back to 5:00, then 03, etc. It's very, very distracting.
    3) It's way too easy to reset the clock. There's a big red button you can use to stop the clocks (to summon a TD, or whatever). To then restart the clocks, one of the players should hit the appropriate touchpad. But if you forget and hit the big, red, inviting button again, it will reset the clocks entirely. On the Chronos tournament modes, by contrast, it takes four hits of the button to reset, for the express reason of making it harder to do.
    4) A design quibble: it was devilishly hard to get the batteries to fit in their slots.

    I purchased these on sale, when they were comparable in price to the DGT Easy Game Timer Plus (the delay-capable version). They're brighter and I think the kids will like them better, so overall I'm satisfied. Next time around, though, I might not go this route. Good chess!

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    Nice, standout chess clock..

    Posted by Michael Sean O'Brien on 9th Aug 2013

    Better than what I though, before purchase.. Looks expensive, very bright and clear, and everybody wants to touch it. This is my third chess clock and I have to say.., "I really like it." Light touch on top and your playing chess.. Would buy again and from WholeSaleChess in Utah. Mike O'Brien in Butte, Montana :)