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The Millennium King Exclusive Emanuel Lasker Edition Chess Computer

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King Height:
King Base:
Square Size:
Board Size:
16.75 " x 16.75"
The Millennium King Exclusive Emanuel Lasker Edition Chess Computer
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.


Chess computer in limited edition of only 150 pieces 

For Lasker Year 2018, the German manufacturer MILLENNIUM in cooperation with the German Chess Federation has designed a special chess computer and produced in a limited edition, on the occasion of the 150th birthday of the only German chess world champion. Included in delivery is a special issue of the Emanuel Lasker Company, plus the Exclusive Chessboard with figure recognition and the new control module with the world-famous The King software. 


The most personal and exciting chess partner you've ever had!

Control module for the extension of the MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor boards, with the famous chess program The King by Johan de Koning.  It has a size of approximately 15.7" inches (40cm) x  15.7"  (40 cm).

Features and Functions:

  • With generously illuminated display and elegant wooden housing
  • Selection of different opening books: The classic Aegon Book, the Master Book (> 300.000 pos.) By M. Uniacke, or special User Books
  • Save batches and optionally download opening libraries, firmware updates or program enhancements
  • Countless Options: Configure up to 3 different opponents for a game as against real chess grandmaster
  • Infinite levels of difficulty, variably adjustable
  • Outstanding playing ability, coupled with a very active, risk-taking, sometimes downright spectacular style of play

The cable connection between the clock and the chessboard makes it not only possible to exchange the hardware module, it further allows future software updates to be made via the integrated USB-interface. An ARM Cortex M7 processor with 300 MHz and a significantly increased Flash and RAM-memory serves as motor for the hardware.

Limited Warranty provided by the publisher.