Studies in: Bishops - Chess Lecture - Volume 169 - 2 DVDs - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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More experienced players understand the power of the bishop. Bishops usually gain in relative strength towards the endgame as pieces are captured and more lines become available on the board. A bishop can easily influence both wings of the board simultaneously. In an open endgame, a pair of bishops is decidedly superior to either a bishop and a knight, or two knights. A player possessing a pair of bishops has a strategic weapon in the form of a long-term threat to trade down to an advantageous endgame.

Here our masters outline successful strategies for employing the bishops and show you how to successfully combat two bishops as well..

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ECO C23, C00, C42, A14, E10 PGNs Included

Fans on said: I'm having a difficult time with this bishop principle and 
your explanation is very clear. Now I have to remember it and use it to my advantage. Thanks Jesse

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