Studies in: The Stonewall - 2 DVDs - Chess Lecture - Volume 143 - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Presented by : GM Leonid Kritz - IM Valerie Lilov – IM David Vigoritto – IM Mark Deisen

Content: 2 hours and 48 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 9  Lectures.     

The Stonewall defense or attack is a variation of the Queen’s Pawn Game,  and is generally characterized by White playing his pawns to d4 & e3, playing Bd3, Nd2, and then playing Pawns to c3 and then f4; although the moves are not always played in that order. The Stonewall is a system White heads for a very specific Pawn formation, rather than try to memorize long lines of different variations. If White puts up the Stonewall formation it is called a Stonewall Attack, regardless of how Black chooses to defend against it. When Black sets up a Stonewall formation, with pawns on c6, d5, e6 and f5, it is considered a variation of the Dutch Defense. MCO-15 gives the following as a main line: 1.d4, d5; 2.e3, Nf6; 3.Bd3, c5; 4.c3, Nc6; 5. f4. 

Here our masters outline successful strategies for employing the Stonewall and things to take into consideration.

Members of rated this series a4.36 out of 5 ECOA85, A90, A80, A45, D00  PGNs Included

Fans on said:Good explanations of why some of the 'classic' variations are no longer in vogue, for example: ...Be7. Especially interesting to me as I am a Dutch player. 

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