Empire Chess Vol 25 - Play the Middlegame Like a Grandmaster Part 1

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2.5 hours
GM Damian Lemos

¨Play the Middlegame like a Grandmaster – Part 1¨ features hours of action-packed chess instruction, presented by Grandmaster Damian Lemos who explains the art of the middlegame and focuses on how you can start winning more games now! The middlegame is one of the hardest phases in the game for beginner players because there are no strict rules to guide your play (unlike the opening) and there are still most pieces on the board to consider. If you are a beginner chess player looking to improve your tournament results IMMEDIATELY, this chess DVD is GUARANTEED TO HELP YOU PLAY BETTER!


Normally the middlegame is what defines the outcome of a game, where deeply understanding the tactical and strategic themes is more important than ever. In this chess DVD, GM Lemos analyzes various examples to teach viewers about a different way of thinking … a different approach to the middlegame. Grandmaster Lemos illustrates his ideas by presenting numerous games from legendary players like Anand, Capablanca, and Steinitz, thoroughly demonstrating certain principles in the middlegame that are guaranteed to help you improve your game and your results.


1. Anand vs Korchnoi
2. Kupchik vs Capablanca
3. Rosenthal vs Steinitz
4. Van Wely vs Piket
5. Spielmann vs L-Hermet

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    Explosive Middlegame Tactics

    Posted by Claude R Williams Jr on 23rd Sep 2015

    Show you how to employ forcing moves with direct tactical repercussions to achieve long-term, comprehensive positional gain.

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    MiddleGame--How to play like a Grandmaster

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2015

    Review the basic concept of the middlegame and how to apply them into your own games.