Empire Chess Vol 32 - Mastering the Positional Sacrifice

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GM Alex Ipatov

The positional sacrifice is one of the hardest concepts to learn in chess because it requires a profound understanding of the game. Many beginner and intermediate players vastly overemphasize the importance of material in chess, failing to utilize the massive benefits that a positional sacrifice can bring. To employ a strong positional sacrifice you have to firmly trust your chess convictions and know that sometimes positional factors such as the initiative, a space advantage, centralization, or better coordination can overcome an advantage in material. Also when you play a positional sacrifice, you will be much better prepared for the ensuing radical changes in the game as your opponent will be knocked off balance by the change in course.

"As a rule, so-called “positional” sacrifices are considered more difficult, and therefore more praise-worthy, than those which are based exclusively on an exact calculation of tactical possibilities." – Alexander Alekhine

¨Mastering the Positional Sacrifice¨ is a comprehensive chess DVD that is guaranteed to better your understanding of one of the most effective weapons in chess. This chess DVD is presented by Grandmaster Alex Ipatov, the 2012 World Junior Chess Champion! GM Ipatov is a highly qualified chess instructor at 2590 FIDE and does a fantastic job of sharing his deep knowledge of an extremely complicated and difficult concept – the positional sacrifice.


1) Ipatov  - Vehi Bach, 2010
2) Ipatov – Nikolic , 2013  
3) Ipatov  - Stevic, 2013
4) Ipatov – Mammadov, 2012  
5) Ipatov – Kruglyakov,  2013
6) Ipatov – Ding, 2013
7) Jolly – Ipatov, 2012
8) Klein – Ipatov, 2012
9) Robson – Ipatov, 2012
10) Ipatov – Khalifman,2012  
11) Ipatov – Matorin, 2012  
12) Sjugirov – Ipatov, 2013
13) Ipatov – Del Rey,  2009
14) Ipatov – Isaev,2010
15) Svidler – Ipatov, 2012

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