Empire Chess Vol 68 - Crushing Black with the King's Gambit

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4 hours
GM Damian Lemos

GM Damian Lemos presents another excellent DVD for Empire Chess. Crushing Black with the King’s Gambit is the most direct way to attempt to acquire the advantage versus 1…e5 players. GM Lemos promotes the virtues of the most attacking 3rd move namely 3.Bc4 and puts forward a strong argument that is the best 3rd move available in The King’s Gambit Accepted.

RELOADED Edition! – Highlights

  • – The Official Course for aspiring club players.
  • Exclusive Grandmaster/master Video by a brilliant presenter.
  • Highest quality audio and video available with Grandmaster Webcam
  • In depth text chapter summaries in PDF format of each DVD’s content.
  • 10 relevant practice problems per disc of a structured 10 DVD set.
  • The most comprehensive club players “DVD course with materials” ever released.
  • PGN files of all games included free for every DVD.
  • Brought to you by – The World Leaders in DVD education.


1. Bishop’s Gambit and dealing with Qh4+
2. The immortal Game
3. Ivanchuk – Nikolic
4. A Key variation 3.Bc4 d5!
5. The Main Line 3.Bc4 d5! 4. Bxd5 Qh4+ 5.Kf1
6. 3.Bc4 Qh4 4. Kf1 d6 5. Nf3 Qh5 6. d4
7. Short – Nikolic 3…c6
8. Morozevich vs Anand
9. Black Defends f4 with Ne7-Ng6

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