Endgame Renaissance - Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players - 2 DVDs

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After hours of play against a tough opponent, you reach an endgame. Your edge is slight and, in 20 moves time, the result will be known.

Whether you win or draw depends on how you conduct those next 20 moves.

IM Valeri Lilov is here to arm you with the skills you need to squeeze every last half-point from your endgames with his 6 hour Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players.

As the name suggests, the focus is entirely on the type of positions you encounter in real play. You will learn how to think in the endgame; how to make progress in tricky positions and how to coordinate your pieces like a master.

This course has been designed with the competitive player in mind, showing you how to maximize your results and stop gifting half-points to your rivals.

Chapter Outline

  1. Activity is everything
  2. Schematic thinking
  3. Making progress
  4. Minor piece imbalances
  5. Winning with the bishop pair
  6. Coordinating your pieces
  7. Accumulating advantages
  8. Pawn structure secrets
  9. Promotion tricks
  10. Key squares
  11. Summary of the principles
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