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Foxy Openings - Volume 166 - Learn Chess in One Hour

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Foxy Openings - Volume 166 - Learn Chess in One Hour
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

The first video of the newly announced "Train Your Chess Course" from IM Andrew Martin and With over an hour of instruction, it's aimed at true beginners of the game and will teach you all of the basic skills that you need to get started.

This DVD includes Master Chess 8000, a top multi-engine chess interface pre-loaded with several of the strongest chess engines, rated 3291, 3126, and 3091 - and you can add any UCI engine. Master Chess 8000 contains 2 million games, which can be searched by moves, names, ECO code, results, etc. You can analyze with the engines, annotate and print games, use the statistical tree and import/export .pgn files. The screen graphics are ideal for large monitors, and you can create multiple colored boards, sets and pieces, along with access to several chess fonts.

Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.