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Kopec: Essential Endgame Knowledge

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Kopec Media
Kopec: Essential Endgame Knowledge
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

International Master Dr. Danny Kopec, a highly regarded author and player, takes the reader through arguably the most difficult and important aspect of the game of Chess: The Endgame. The DVD covers all types of Endgames, from the most elementary checkmates, through the exploitation of positional and material advantage, right up to the analysis of actual endings from master play. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this DVD will improve your endgame!

  • Examines Proper Endgame Techniques
  • Analysis of Actual Endings
  • Essential For Beginners or Seasoned Players
  • Exploitation of positional and material advantage, and much, much more!

Disclaimer: If opened, this item may only be returned in exhange for same item.

Limited Warranty provided by the developer. This product cannot be returned once it is opened or downloaded.