10 Easy Ways to get Better at Chess: Volume 1 by Andrew Martin

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Run Time:
1 hour 48 minutes
Andrew martin

Senior FIDE Trainer and International Master Andrew Martin chooses easy-to-understand key ideas to help you improve. Adopt his simple recommendations and you will find your game improving quicker than you ever thought possible.
These 10 easy to learn lessons will help the novice players, advance novice players, as well as intermediate players get better at chess. Regardless of your playing level this DVD contains lessons to reinvent your chess thinking and improve your chess skills!!! Volume 1 - - 1 hour 48 minutes
Volume 1: Novice Player Rated (0-1400)

  • Concentration
  • Stick to the basics
  • Ask the important questions
  • Chess is an attacking game
  • Don't ignore the endgame
  • Learn tactical control
  • Cut out, game-losing mistakes
  • Playing vs study
  • Write all games out and look at them with a stronger player
  • Don't be afraid of losing