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Crash Test Chess Vol 1: Using the Initiative

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Media Type:
approx. 1 hour
GM Simon Williams
Crash Test Chess Vol 1: Using the Initiative
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.
GingerGM Publishing, in association with Chilli Pepper Films, is proud to present the first DVD in its new Crash Test Chess series whereby viewers are encouraged to improve their game by following short, instructive lessons that have been carefully prepared by some of the best chess players in the world.
In Using the Initiative, Grandmaster Simon Williams explains the ideas behind his play in two of his games where the correct use of the initiative has proved critical.
Follow Simon as he provides his audience with an essential insight into the working thought processes of a Grandmaster - a must for any chess enthusiast looking to improve!
About the Author
Simon Williams, also known as "GingerGM", has presented many dvds including the "Killer" series. Simon is an English Grandmaster who holds a degree from Sussex University in Philosophy and Cognitive Studies. He has recently joined the Gibraltar Commentary team, giving listeners entertaining commentary on the top games!
DVD Contents
This DVD is a personal 1 hour lesson from GM Simon Williams on exploiting the initiative.
  • Game 1: Korchnoi vs Williams
  • Game 2: Williams vs Gagunashvili

System Requirements: This DVD will run on all platforms - PC, Macintosh, PS3, Xbox and Set-top boxes. 625 PAL

Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.