Garry Kasparov My Story: Complete Set, Volumes 1-5

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Garry Kasparov My Story: Complete Set--Volumes 1-5 Video DVD is a truly unique set of films. In it you will learn about the struggles and successes of Kasparov, the 13th World Champion, from his own unique perspective.
For the first time ever you can go behind the scenes and catch the inside stories to discover the real Garry Kasparov. The story of his epic journey from teenage hotshot to modern chess icon is chronicled in depth and with revealing detail. This great series reveals in detail all the highlights and drama of Garry's meteoric career, and the inside story behind his one-man chess revolution.
Part 1 - Teenage Prodigy: By the age of 12 Garry was the Junior Champion of the mighty USSR, the youngest ever. Back then fashion bowed to the immaculate safety-first style of the reigning titan Anatoly Karpov. Along came young Kasparov, raging onto the scene and riding some new contraption called glasnost. His style - brash, energetic and aggressive took the chess world by storm and reinvented the standard for future generations of chess players. (Approximate Running Time: 104 Minutes)
Part 2 - Joining the Elite: If one element characterized the games of teenage Garry Kasparov, it was the whirlwind aggression of his play. By 1981, though still a tender 18 years of age, his ferocious talent demanded that he clear ever-higher hurdles. Now it was time to take on the grown-ups, and for him this meant one thing - the world elite. (Approximate Running Time: 113 Minutes)
Part 3 - Rebels and Renegades: A close look at Garry Kasparov's career reveals a remarkable amount of sheer brinkmanship. At a time when the Soviet Union was wired with paranoia and run by invisible connections, the winds of political change were beginning to stir and the brash renegade Kasparov would be in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the new climate. (Approximate Running Time: 86 Minutes)
Part 4 - Hitting the Wall: The shadows of political intrigue would threaten to do what no chess player could manage - to eliminate Garry from the hunt for the World Title. And when the long awaited confrontation between Karpov and Kasparov arrived, it turned out to be the most remarkable and controversial match ever played. (Approximate Running Time: 110 Minutes)
Part 5 - Rite of Passage: On the eve of the most important game he would ever play, Garry Kasparov sought the advice of legends Botvinnik and Tal. If Kasparov succeeded, he would take Tal's place as the youngest world champion in history. Was this another one of Garry's magic numbers? (Approximate Running Time: 89 Minutes)
This is not a calm, reflective look back. It is a thought provoking collection of Incidences, instruction and high drama on and off the board. By viewing these events through his own eyes you will come to understand who this controversial, larger-than-life man really is - what drives him, and what shaped him. Garry Kasparov has made enemies as easily and gladly as he has made headlines. Be prepared to meet the strongest chess player in the world, and by universal acclaim the greatest player in the entire history of the game. Approximate 8.5 hours of Garry Kasparov on all 5 DVDs!

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