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Train Yourself Chess Course-From Novice To Expert Vol. 4:

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Train Yourself Chess Course-From Novice To Expert Vol. 4:
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.


 On this fourth  DVD of this 5 part series, International Master and world renowned Chess Trainer Andrew Martin breaks down the elements of chess so that the game becomes easier to understand. Players of all levels will find something of interest here, including many complete games from recent years. 

This fourth DVD of this 5 part series by International Master Andrew Martin concentrates on attack and defense, space and time. The student is shown important skills which will help him to understand when to attack and when to hold back in his own games. Andrew Martin also teaches the value of patience and lays down a framework which will deepen your understanding of chess and help you to play better. Timing is vital, so if you have anadvantage in development and space attack your opponent. When defending, create counter play to keep your opponent off balance.

This DVD will help you understand the art of attack and defense and the value of patience which is often overlooked.

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