Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: Chess for Absolute Beginners

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Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: Chess for Absolute Beginners, is by far one of the best DVDs ever made to teach beginners how to play the worlds greatest game.
Susan teaches beginners basic chess knowledge with the aid of great graphics and animation. She includes the topics of: rules, pieces, points, moves, tactics, checkmates, notations, and setting up the board.
Susan, along with her teaching helpers, Champion and King Harold, set a fun stage for learning chess. Also included is a brief history of chess, a short biography on Susan, and other fun facts about Chess.
Parent Tested Parent Approved
This program recently received an award from Parent Tested Parent Approved.
Grandmaster Susan Polgar:

  • 4-time Womens World Champion
  • Worlds only Triple-Crown Winner (World Blitz, Rapid & Classical World Champion)
  • 5-time Olympic Champion (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze)
  • Currently Ranked #1 in the U.S. and the World
  • 2003 Grandmaster of the Year and U.S. Open Blitz Champion
  • Award Winning and Best Selling Author
  • Founder of the Susan Polgar Foundation, a non-profit organization to promote chess for young people

In collaboration with FM Paul Truong:

  • 11-time National Champion and Winner of over 120 tournaments in U.S., Asia and Europe
  • Captain of the 2004 Historic U.S. Womens Olympiad Silver-Medalist Team
  • Award Winning Chess Author and Trainer with 35 years experience

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  • 5
    Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: <br> Chess for Absolute Beginners 5 Stars

    Posted by David from Sherman on 27th Apr 2013

    the DVD is well suited for it's intended audience. Absolute beginners, on an elementary school level. Susan does the majority of the explanation and the cartoon characters help keep the children's attention on task.

  • 5
    Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: <br> Chess for Absolute Beginners 5 Stars

    Posted by Parent Tested Parent Reviewed from on 27th Apr 2013

    <br/><b>Q1. Was this DVD enjoyable for you and your child to watch?</b><br/>I used this DVD to teach my class of 13 year old students about Chess. Out of my 8 students I would say 6 of them really enjoyed the DVD and were very interested as they all wanted to learn how to play Chess.Yes, it was enjoyable to watch. We especially liked the cartoon King and horse.It was more enjoyable for me, I know nothing about chess and I wanted to learn. My daughter has played chess before so she did lose some interest in the DVD. I played the DVD for my niece and nephew and they were very interested as was I.<br/><br/><b>Q2. Did this DVD teach you the beginner basic chess knowledge?</b><br/>yes, yes, yes, we learned a lotI feel that it was really helpful in teaching them the basic skills of Chess. We set up our Chess set and set up teams to play and it was a ton of fun.Yes. Both my 8 year old son and myself only knew a VERY little about chess before. Now we at least know how all the pieces move, how to set up a chess board, etc.I do feel that we learned about the chess board and a lot about the chess pieces ( I knew nothing about chess so It did really help).<br/><br/><b>Q3. Is this DVD priced fairly?</b><br/>yes great price and you actually learn how to play Chess!I do think that the price if a fair price. For the knowledge that you get it is definitely worth it!<br/><br/><b>Q4. The quality of the DVD met your requirements?</b><br/>yes- it is high quality and well presented as well.I think that the quality was very good.Very professionally done<br/><br/><b>Q5 Do you feel this DVD taught the basics of Chess in a fun and entertaining way? Did it keep your child's interest?</b><br/>We had a tough crowd to test this on, 13 year olds can lose interest quickly. We had discussed a segment on learning Chess and I was happy to see how quickly most caught on. After we set up our chess board we referred to the DVD and have now set up a weekly Friday chess game instead of watching a girls enjoyed the animation, we all enjoyed the information shared in the DVD.Yes, it was fun and entertaining. The quizzes at the end of each chapter is a great idea. This DVD taught us the basics very easily. The cartoon characters were fun and even some of the possible answers. I do feel the that the DVD did teach us the basics of chess and I found it fun and entertaining. My kids did not stay interested in the entire DVD but my niece and nephew were more interested as they had no idea how to play chess.<br/><br/><b>Q6 Would you recommend this product to friends or family?</b><br>yes- for anyone who expresses interest in learning ChessYes, I would recommend this chess software to family and friends. It is a great beginning to learn Chess. It is great to learn all the pieces and the moves by seeing the pieces on the board and seeing the highlighted areas that they can move.<br/><br/><b>Q7. The product met your expectations?</b><br/>Ya you bet. It kept the students attention and taught them the skills they need to play chess. (helped to refresh my chess skills as well, cheers to that)yes we all learned most of the basics. Me and my husband the most! My girls are well on their way. The beauty of having the DVD is we can keep referring to it as we learn as a family.Yes. My son and I have been very eager to learn how to play chess. Using this DVD, we learned the names of all the pieces, how to set up a chess board, some special moves, etc.It did meet my expectations, it was very informative and was taught on a great beginner level, which I am.<br/><br/><b>Q8. What did you like best about this product?</b><br/>The format was well done, very thorough without being boring. Having the chess board which shows each piece movement is key especially when teaching kids who have never played.the amount of time it took to learn, and the animation quality. I was not expecting the girls and I to learn so much in such a short time.The cartoonish characters of the King and Champion (horse). They were cute and funny and fun to watch and listen to.I loved the quizzes at the end of the chapters. I also love how in the beginning it shows the chess board and highlights the moves that the chess pieces can move. I love the visuals. I also liked the chess piece characters helping out.I run an aftercare program in our school for grade 5 through 8 graders. I am going to take this DVD for the kids that want to learn chess. I think that they will enjoy it. Thanks

  • 5
    Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: <br> Chess for Absolute Beginners 5 Stars

    Posted by Greg from Menasha on 27th Apr 2013

    I gave this DVD to my seven year old granddaughter for use over the spring break. She told me she watched it twice and loves it. Moreover, I could tell just from listening to her that she understood chess concepts that before she didn't even know about. This is an excellent introduction for children to the world of chess.

  • 5
    Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: <br> Chess for Absolute Beginners 5 Stars

    Posted by Greg from Menasha on 27th Apr 2013

    I purchased this DVD for a great niece who wants to play chess. The format and instruction exceeded my expectations. Susan Polgar is engaging and enjoyable, and the cartoon characters that help her teach the basics keep kids interested. I am buying another copy for my granddaughter, so I guess you can say I recommend it.

  • 4
    Susan Polgar's Learning Chess the Easy Way: <br> Chess for Absolute Beginners 4 Stars

    Posted by Richard from Tacoma, WA. on 27th Apr 2013

    I am retired and have always wanted to learn to play chess. I played when I was young with no more knowledge than how the pieces move. Now I have the only woman to be chosen Grandmaster of the Year (I enjoy telling my friends this.) teaching me to really play this wonderful game. The DVD target is clearly children but in the world of chess that is exactly what I am and I intend to use the whole series to get to the point of taking my roll-up chess board and chess set up to my favorite coffee shop and play a few games with my coffee shop chronies.