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The Complete Train Yourself Course - Foxy Volumes 84-88 - 5-DVD Combo

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DVD Video
The Complete Train Yourself Course - Foxy Volumes 84-88 - 5-DVD Combo
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

We are proud to offer the Complete Train Yourself Chess Course on DVD. This Collection of 5 DVDs, hosted by legendary Chess Trainer IM Andrew Martin, will teach you everything that you need to know to play the game of Chess (and play it well!) Unlike other instructional DVDs, the Teach Yourself Chess Course is designed for the beginner. It starts by teaches the basics of Chess DISK and once mastered, will discuss such critical aspects of Chess as Endgame, Tactics, Time Control and many more.


DISK #1:
On this first DVD in the series, International Master Andrew Martin breaks down the elements of chess so that the game becomes easier to understand. Players of all levels will find something of interest here, including many complete games from recent years.

Board and board properties
Quick Development
Piece Value
Control Of the Center
Pawn Structures
Mastering the Queen, Rook, Bishops,Bishop and Knight
Basic checkmates 

DISK #2:
All the Basic tactical ideas are discussed fully, followed by a series of very recent illustrative games, where we will see all that ideas in action . On this dvd you will gain confidence in your ability to handle tactics when they crop up over the board and who knows, you may be able to land some tactical knockouts yourself!


Double and discovered check
Discovered attack
Destroying the guard
Line Vacation
Square Vacation
Zugz ang
6 Illustrative Games

DISK #3:
Learn to make plans like the Grandmasters in your own games!

This dvd will help you the next time you are sitting across from your opponet and not sure what your next move is. You will gain confidence by learning about strategy and ideas to look for to create a plan. A plan may consist of a Pawn Minority attack, controlling the center or just improving your pieces. This newfound Knowledge will improve your play and generate more wins. 
1) Intro Dynamic Strategy and Planing
2) Basic pawn skeleton
3)Doubled pawns 1 and 2
4) IQP Game
5) Protected passed pawn
6) Minority Attack game
7) Dynamics of strategy
8) Good and bad pieces
9) Pawn Chains rival attacks
10) Material advantage
11) No strategy without a safe King.

DISK #4:
DVD Four concentrates on attack and defence, space and time. I.M Andrew Martin will teach you skills that will help you understand when to attack and the important of avoiding premature attacks. In order for an attack to succeed is you must have a lead in developement and space. Timing is vital, so take advantage of opportunities and attack with as many pieces as possible. When defending you must create counter playto keep your oponent off balance and value of patience which is often overlooked by the average player

DISK #5:
Learning how to play the endgame well is a most important skill. Simple positions lie at the heart of chess. 

In Volume Five Andrew Martin shows how to develop good endgame technique, using typical need-to know positions to lay the foundation and then full master games to show how the strongest players tackle this part of chess. He also suggests how the student might train himself at home in the most efficient way and this is invaluable advice.