Marshall Series Plastic Chess Pieces with 3.75" King

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Patterned after the turn-the-century pieces made by Jacques of London, these pieces are elegant, heavy, and beautiful, a combination not often found in plastic pieces! Great for collectors as well as players with distinguished taste, these pieces include an extra queen of each color for pawn promotion.

These pieces are available in black or red for the dark pieces and ivory/white or natural for the light pieces. The red of these pieces is a dark burgundy color.

  • King stands 3.75 inches
  • King weighs 2.5 ounces
  • 1.75 inch base on king
  • Extra Queen of each color
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  • 4
    A nicely weighted plastic set, but...

    Posted by Neverapatzer on 18th Jun 2021

    The pros: nice weight, lovely design of the pieces, I really like the deep burgundy colour of the 'red' pieces and the cream for the 'white' side. I prefer the bishop and rook designs over the 'Ultimate' and 'Alegria' sets both of which I also own. Shipping from Wholesale chess was INCREDIBLY fast to the opposite side of the world, so thank you

    The cons: the visible seams and moulding lines aren't the best I've seen, but also not the worst. The weights of the pieces have some big discrepancies (more than 10% weight difference between the two kings, and a whopping 20% between two of the rooks). The coronets of the queens also arrives slightly 'smooth' after the pointy bits probably chipped in the shipping

  • 5
    Marshall chess pieces

    Posted by David R on 31st Mar 2021

    I love this set. They have real heft to them and look and feel great. I’m not at all picky about mold markings (there are some) and more concerned about weight (this whole set weighs over three pounds!) and feel (excellent) and overall visual effect (I think they look beautiful). Yet another stunningly well priced, high quality item from wholesale chess

  • 5
    Marshall Chess set Burgundy/ Natural

    Posted by G Choate on 11th Mar 2021

    Excellent set, wife is very happy with her gift!

  • 4
    Nice pieces, a bit overpriced

    Posted by Colosapiens on 13th Dec 2020

    The good: classical shape and proportions, simple, good color (Burgundy and Natural), real felt in the base. The less: not so heavy as I expected, maybe double weighted. For the same price I guess there are other options, but is OK.

  • 4
    Marshall series plastic chess pieces with 3.75” king

    Posted by Adrian on 22nd Jun 2020

    Very sturdy looking and finely crafted plastic pieces, except perhaps for the king’s finial which looks delicate. I am very careful not to drop the king. I am just wondering if I can get a replacement of the kings if the finial breaks off or just settle for a finial-less king. Overall I am satisfied with the make of the set especially the quadruple weighIng.

  • 5
    Very good general purpose set, clean design

    Posted by Thomas Muething on 8th Feb 2020

    A very nice plastic set for everyday use, almost as good as the Hastings. The latter I rate more highly because of the quirkier, more individual style. The Marshall set is heavier though, and the streamlined design may actually be an advantage for chess clubs. Well weighted at 1.4kg (3.1lbs), with 68g kings. Well made pieces, molding seams are unobtrusive. No rattling weights. Safe packaging, 2 day shipping to Germany. Recommended.

  • 5
    3.75" Marshall Chess Pieces

    Posted by Chris on 1st Nov 2019

    This set is the best bang for you buck. There isn't much to not like about this set. Fat big Rooks. Knights have ears in rear position and not sticking out. Clear and proportion throughout the whole set. Very nice weight and no loose weights so far. The only thing I would say that is the weakness of the set is the King's cross finial. Most likely to be the first piece to break. Set is good for casual, club, tournament, and blitz play. I got mine is Red and Natural to contrast with my folding PVC Black and White vinyl board. This color scheme reminds me of a 50's theme diner. With the black and white checkered tile floors with Ketchup and Mustard bottles. I also got a set in Black and Natural for a fellow chess player as a gift. Natural in my opinion has the most contrasting options for chessboard as white. So I tend to get Natural for my white side.

  • 5
    Love the Fat Rooks. Great Set for Club and Café play.

    Posted by Big Lew on 9th Dec 2018

    I got this set in Natural and Black about seven years ago from Wholesale Chess. My favorite thing about this set is the huge heavy rooks. When I first got this set, I thought the plastic felt kind of cold and brittle. But after years of play at the club in the coffee shop and frequently at home. No weights are loose, no pieces are chipped and no felt is peeling. The natrual color plastic looks nothing like natrual wood but I like it better than plain white.