Chamfered Chess Pieces - 3.5" King

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King Height:

The Chamfered series of chess pieces feature a beautiful, unique finish with a high level of detail not often available in its price range. The Chamfered series showcase a standard Staunton-style pawn with a raised round head and a wide neck crown. The unique rook has an unusually tall neck with a short parapet at the top. The knight piece is the real jewel in this set with a highly-detailed mane and a strong, detailed snout. The bishop piece is slightly skinnier than most sets with a wide, vertical notch and narrow neck. The queen is a standard Staunton queen with a muted crown to avoid sharp edges. Finally, the king features a rounded top with a traditional British cross on top.

These pieces are weighted. The smaller pieces contain lighter weights, while larger pieces have heavier weights. This set is a great buy in the price range and is available in three types of finishes and three sizes.

  • Rosewood (+ $30), Sheesham or Ebonized Boxwood Finishes for dark pieces
  • Boxwood for white pieces
  • Full 34-Piece Set (Includes Extra Queens)
  • Lightly-weighted pieces with high-end black leather feet


  • 3 1/2" King Height
  • 1 9/16" King Base
  • 55g King Weight
  • Recommended for Chess Boards with approximately 2" Squares
  • Set weight is approximately 3 lb 3 oz


Limited Warranty provided by the publisher.


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    Chamfered Chess Pieces - 3.5" King

    Posted by Woodrow Meeks on 3rd Jan 2021

    Beautiful set so far except for the fact that although the box reads 3.5 inch king the king is actually only 3 inches tall. Are alll of the chess piece sets and chess sets a half inch too short. I really didn't get what I felt I had paid for.

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    Nice Design, but problems.

    Posted by Carltrb on 21st Dec 2020

    When I received the brown box that held the box of chess pieces, I was thrilled! But once I opened the box, I became uncertain.

    A box torn, wrinkled, and warped edges were all cause for worry, but the chess pieces themselves seemed to be alright. I was relieved.

    After a week of having the pieces, I've noticed a few issues. The pieces themselves have a leather bottom, but are not fully attached. So you will see some peeling. Although that can be fixed with some gorilla glue, it is not something want to see or spend time fixing for the money you spend.

    Regarding the chess pieces themselves, it looks very well designed themselves, although I noticed on the bishop, some of the coating peeled off. Not as noticeable, but still disappointing.

    As I write this, part of me wants to return the items, but another part of me wants to keep it. Consider this before you purchase it.

    If I could type my rating, I would give it a 2.5 stars.

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    Chamfered wood chess pieces.

    Posted by Bret on 1st Oct 2020

    Beautiful pieces, great quality and weight. Would be perfect except for disproportionately large pawns.

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    its ok

    Posted by Nachshon Israeli on 17th Jan 2019

    it is ok

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    Bought this set for the knights design

    Posted by David on 18th Dec 2016

    I bought these chess pieces for the beautiful knight design. I wanted a set that has more detail and this is it. The price is unbeatable ($79.99). There is another online retailer selling the almost exact same chess pieces for triple the price just under another design name (they call it Contemporary Staunton chess pieces). The only difference is the leather pads on this set which is kind of a disappointment. The pieces don't slide at all on wood so you have to pick them up when moving to another square. This gives a unique playing experience with the sound the wood makes when placing the pieces. The pads are easy to replace to a cloth material though. The pawns are way too big and seem to be out of proportion and underweighted. For the low price under $100 this is the best looking knight I've seen in a wooden chess set so I'm satisfied.

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    Nice set but a few disappointments

    Posted by Jimmie Beatty on 11th Dec 2015

    Overall, this is a very nice chess set. They come in two boxes (black pieces, white pices, individually wrapped in bubble wrap. As I was unwrapping the pieces I was disappointed in the size of the Queen. It is just slightly taller than a bishop for instance, and much smaller than the king. I thought it should be about 1/4" taller. The rest of the pieces were awesome. Particularly the knights, the craftsmanship on those is very very nice. The knight is the piece that helped me LIKE this set. The rooks are tall and not too fat. I think the pawns should be a bit heavier. Pawns dont usually fall in a time scramble, but still a little more weight would be nice to give the perception that they are not "unimportant" and after all you probably move pawns more than any other piece. My biggest disappointment was with the very thing black leather bottoms. On a wood board they won't protect your board against scratches and possible dents. The leather needed to be thicker, broader, or preferably felted. Just constructive thought. For the price though, you can't go wrong here. The coating on the wood will help preserve them for a long time. Nice feel!

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    A Surprisingly Nice Set

    Posted by Ron Suarez on 7th Sep 2015

    I saw this set and liked the looks of it. Also, the size of the set seemed to be very good for a 2.0" square board, which I have. So, I bought this set to go along with a Mahogany and Maple folding, 2.0" board.

    Well, the set looks too crowded on that size board and it fits a 2.25" board just fine. I also have a couple of boards with square size being between the two sizes. It works great on these larger than 2" squared boards.

    Well, this set is very well weighted and has a very nice balance and feel to it when playing Chess. It really is a nice set. And it compares to sets more expensive than it is.

    The leather pads on the bases is also very nice.

    All in all this is a much nicer set than I expected when I bought it. The fellows I played Chess with using it also agree.

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    Very nice

    Posted by John on 18th Mar 2015

    Nicely finished and weighted. Money well spent.