Florentine Wood Chess Pieces

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Florence is the capital city of the region of Tuscany, Italy. From 1865 to 1870 the city was also the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. A center of medieval European trade and finance, the city is often considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Florence is also famous for its magnificent art and architecture. The surge in artistic, literary, and scientific investigation that occurred in Florence during the 14th - 16th century is what has inspired craftsmanship for this Florentine set.
The Florentine Series from our Premier Collection is Crafted from boxwood for the light pieces, and your choice of Rosewood, Bud Rosewood, or Ebony for the dark pieces. The King stands 4" tall with a 1 5/8" base. From the unique King to the exquisite Knight, these pieces are sure to catch the eye. These pieces are weighted. These pieces fit well on a board with 2.125" - 2.5" squares.

  • Felt Base
  • 4" King Weighs 3 oz.
  • 1 5/8" King Base
  • Extra Queens
  • Set weighs approximately 3 pounds 12 ounces
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  • 5
    Florentine wood chess pieces

    Posted by R Johnson on 16th Jan 2019

    This is an exquisite chess set. I am glad I purchase this from wholesale chess. Nothing but excellent service from this company

  • 5
    Florentine Pieces in Rosewood

    Posted by Cheshire Plays Chess on 26th Mar 2018

    I bought the Rosewood pieces. Initial impression as I was unwrapping the pieces: these pieces are huge. You will need a wood chessboard with 2.5-inch squares for these pieces. Don’t insult the craftsmanship by putting them on a vinyl board. These pieces are exquisitely crafted and are of display quality. This set qualifies as a mid-range set. If I had to guess who made these pieces, I would say Amritsar Ivory Works (AIW). These knights strongly resemble the knights of the AIW Modern Series Chess pieces. I have both the Sheesham and Rosewood versions of the Modern Series Chess pieces. They are my favorites for replaying games and slow games. Too good for blitz. The Florentine Set does have some drawbacks. The points of the Queens’ crowns are as sharp as thorns. The King’s fleur-de-lis is also pretty sharp. You will need to warn other players to grasp the royals between the crown and collar or there may be some blood on the board – literally! Don’t play chess with a hothead with this set. If you beat him, he may be tempted to turn the King upside down and stab the back of your hand with the fleur-de-lis. That would definitely hurt. One of the White Rooks looks slightly different from the other three Rooks. It could be a replacement piece. I also noticed some slight differences in the carving of the Knights. I think the entire set was hand-made on a lathe with the Knights hand-carved. Old-fashioned craftsmanship of a type that is disappearing in a world of computerized everything. The set is spectacular and needs a Drueke board to do it justice. Good luck finding a Drueke board with 2.5-inch squares! For display purposes, I give enthusiastic thumbs up. For play, however, I give a question mark. The set is delicate and the Queens and Kings could hurt you. The set is too large for playing over games from a book. Use a library set for that. Don’t even think about playing blitz with this set. Too delicate. I wanted to have just one mid-range set that looked good enough to display, and this Florentine set is it. I got what I wanted, so I’m happy.

  • 5
    Artistic Grace

    Posted by Scott Roods on 17th Dec 2013

    This set is a craftsman's masterpiece. The Ebony enhances the look of the Black pieces and I highly recommend getting this set Ebonized. The artistic renaissance look of the King, Rook, and Knight really make this set stand out in a crowd. The Bishops and Knights are large and the pawns are hefty. Make sure to get a board with large squares. The low end of the recommended range of 2 1/8" squares is not large enough. It looks great on 2 3/8" squares.