Reykjavik Chess Pieces

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Do you play like a Grandmaster? Maybe not just yet—but you can own a set of chess pieces that are like the pieces Grandmaster Bobby Fischer used to beat reigning World Champion Grandmaster Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972.  The chess set that was used during this historic chess match –the Reykjavik Chess Set--was produced by the famous Jaques of London, the game company that also first introduced the classic Staunton chess pieces.

This 1972 match, in which Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky battled for the World Chess Championship, is arguably the most widely followed chess match in history. It was particularly striking that this match took place during the "cold war". Although Fischer lost the first 2 games, he fought his way back and soundly defeated Spassky. This feat ended the Russian dominance of Chess.

Now you can own a Reykjavik Chess Set at a most affordable price. These beautiful reproduction pieces are available in ebonized hardwood, rosewood, or sheesham dark pieces with matching boxwood light pieces.

The set comes with a 3 ¾ inch King and handsome knight that stands 2 ¾ inches. The Rook has especially deep ramparts and the Queen has a moderate crown, making it less susceptible to chipping off one of the eight points.

  • Beautiful historic set
  • Extra Queens
  • 3 ¾" King
  • Rosewood, sheesham or ebonized boxwood
  • Felt Lined bottoms on all pieces
  • Weighted wood pieces
  • Set weighs approximately 2.5 pounds


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    Reykjavik Chess Pieces

    Posted by Jason C on 3rd Dec 2017

    I bought this set a couple of years ago from wholesale chess. It was actually on sale for 49.99. I am VERY satisfied with this set. It looks and feels great and it is really tough. I have dropped these pieces on hard wood floors several times. I am kicking myself that I didn't buy two of these sets when they were half off. I have it on my wish list to buy if it ever does. Wholesale chess has always been great to me. I have bought from them for the last three years and am completely satisfied. Very happy.

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    Just what I was looking for

    Posted by Bernie McKichan on 7th Jul 2016

    My interest in chess began with the Fischer-Spassky match in 1972. Last year I received a chess table and wanted a set that would reflect my involvement with the game. The pieces fit nicely on the table's squares, I like the heft of them, and they look beautiful on the table. I am completely satisfied with the product, the purchasing online, and the packaging and shipping. I will consider future purchases from Wholesale Chess.

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    Very nice set, not perfect

    Posted by Richard Sava on 12th Sep 2015

    Ordered this set as part of an order from the Labor Day sale, $49.99 (normally $89.99).
    Shipping - as usual, shipping was prompt and delivered when promised. Wholesale Chess always does a good job.
    Packaging - This set came in 2 boxes, all pieces individually wrapped. Very well packaged and all pieces arrived undamaged. Again, Have never had an issue with that with Wholesale Chess.
    Chess set - This is a very nice set. The pieces look very nice. The bases are a good width, the felt (real felt) on the bottom are cut well, nice circles that fit well.
    The Rooks have nice deep parapets, the wood itself of the parapets is a little thin - definitely no blitz chess with this set. The body of the Rooks are a little thinner than I like, I like strong, stout Rooks.
    The Knights are good looking Knights, with their heads held high. They do have the blank eyes that look like zombie eyes but other than that they llok good.
    The Bishops have the bulb top with a deep, wide mitre cut in it. Very good looking Bishops.
    The royal couple also look very good. Her majesty's crown is well defined, the King stands tall and there is no mistaking who is the most important piece on the board.
    The pawns are all uniform and provide a good army of foot soldiers for his majesty.
    The ebonizing is quite black, it actually looks more like a black lacquer. All pieces are good and shiny, a good finish on them.
    The one drawback I have is the color of the white Queen. It looks like this Queen is from a different batch of wood. It is a couple shades lighter over the entire piece. Not a huge deal but prevents it from getting 5 stars (really only worth a half a star but can't do half stars).
    The set itself feels very good. looks very nice on my mahogany and sycamore board (2-1/4 squares). The colors look great together, good contrast. Playing with it (I have already played one game with it, although I lost so it did not help my game :( ) feels very good. The pieces feel good in your hand, the weight is about right, not too heavy, not too light.
    Overall, a very nice set. I am pleased with it, and considering I paid $49.99 I am VERY pleased with it.
    As the other reviewer said, I recommend this set, you won't be dissatisfied..

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    Take a Piece of History Home

    Posted by andy h on 6th Sep 2013

    This is a great chess set. It has everything, beauty, practical use and historical significance. As a chess set collector, I hold a pretty high standard to the sets I buy and the price I pay. For the money and for what you are getting, this is a "no brainer" purchase. I highly recommend this set, you won't be dissatisfied.