Zagreb Chess Pieces - 3" King

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King Height:

In the 1950s and 1960s the Zagreb Chess Set was one of the most popular chess sets used at major international chess tournaments, most notably the World Championship Candidates Match that was held in Bied, Zagreb in 1959. Thus, you may often see this set called the Zagreb '59. (Zagreb is now the capital of Croatia.)

This beautiful reproduction set comes with two queens of each color. The queens and bishops have a contrasting color ball on top and the king has a contrasting crown. The knight is a most interesting piece. Patterned after a Russian knight, he has his head down, a closed mouth, a dramatically carved head, and thin curved neck above his thick chest.

As with all wood pieces, sets many have variations in colors of grain within a set.  These pieces are weighted. The smaller pieces contain lighter weights, while larger pieces have heavier weights. Featured in this set:

  • Beautiful historic pieces
  • Extra Queens
  • Contrast tops on several pieces
  • Distinctive knight
  • Beautiful distinctively grained wood pieces
  • Available in Golden Rosewood, Ebonized Hardwood, or Indian Rosewood (+ $15)
  • 3" King Height
  • 1 1/4" King Base
  • 31g King Weight
  • For Chess Boards with 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" Squares
  • Set weighs approximately 1 pound 6 ounces
Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • 5
    Beautiful craftsmanship and packaged very well

    Posted by Family of 5 on 3rd Feb 2021

    It arrived packaged very well! The pieces are beautifully crafted, and we are thrilled! Thank you!

  • 5
    High Value

    Posted by Steve on 26th Jan 2021

    These pieces are an extreme value at the current pricing. Well made; nothing not to like, and they look and feel great.

  • 5
    Really nice..

    Posted by Chris Davies on 11th Jan 2021

    Really nice set.. came fast..

  • 1
    very small , i dont like this chess pieces

    Posted by Conrado Diaz on 29th Apr 2016

    Worst pieces , very small

  • 5
    Lovely set!

    Posted by Edward Montgomery on 28th Apr 2016

    I purchased this set recently when it was on sale and it matched my expectations. I DID NOT get them in the time specified when I paid a little extra but that was not the fault of the seller. The pieces are nicely finished. I could use them for regular play but I have a feeling they will become my 'go to' analysis set just because they are a pleasure to use.

  • 5
    Perfect for vertical chess!

    Posted by Snagle on 27th Feb 2016

    We ordered these for a vertical chess board and they work perfectly. Not only are they the perfect size, the contrasting color on the tops of the King/Queen/Bishops makes the pieces highly visible regardless of the color square on which they reside. Make sure you do not get the same color prices as board. We went with black and natural pieces on the cherry bean board -- perfect!

  • 4
    Nice little set, perfect for a library or large desk

    Posted by Richard Sava on 16th Sep 2015

    Bought this set during the Labor Day sale for $29.99 (along with the Reykjavik Chess Pieces). Overall this set is a very nice little set, great for using as an analysis set or set up in a library/chess room.
    The size is very nice. The pieces themselves are not weighted very much, but the set does feel good when using it.
    This is my first Zagreb set, all of my other sets are Staunton. I like the contrasting tops on the K, Q, and B. I also like the Bishops themselves. The N's are the bowed head type (which I am growing to like) and the detail on them is very nice for a smaller set like this. The real felt bottoms are well cut and applied.
    I purchased a board (from another site) specifically for this set, a Sapele and Maple veneer board with 1.75" squares. This set looks fantastic on this board and the square size is perfect. Great contrast between the pieces and color of squares.
    Now for the cons of the set:
    The felt, while cut well and applied well, makes the pieces look odd at the base. The base is beveled, so they kind of like they are sitting on something. In addition, some of the pieces do not sit evenly, they sit cock-eyed. Probably 5 of the pawns and 3 or four of the pieces. One of the black Bishops wobbles if he board is bumped.
    The finish of the pieces is not as nice as the Reykjavik set I got. Some of the ebonizing is uneven, noticeable on the Q and one of the N's. The pieces are not very shiny at all. I will try and apply some wax, hopefully it won't ruin them.
    Those are really the only cons to the set. The set came packaged well (as usual with Wholesale Chess, thanks guys and gals!), on the board I got for it it looks great. I played one game with it tonight (but it STILL did not help me win!) and it feels very nice. I also did some study with it today and it may become my study/analysis set at home.
    Overall, I would recommend this set to anyone looking for a smaller set or if you want a Zagreb set to add to your collection. A nice addition to anyone's chess collection.

  • 5
    classic beauty

    Posted by edward burger on 24th Apr 2015

    The Zagreb sets are my favorite, classy but not overstated, with just enough contrast on the bishops, queens and kings. The finish is perfect and the weighting good. Overall a fine set.

  • 5
    CHECK MATE!! A real winner with this chess set.

    Posted by Tom DeBardas on 5th Dec 2014

    The two staff members I spoke with were very friendly and articulate.
    The chess pieces I picked out were exactly as described.
    Great care was given to each individual piece to ensure their safe passage through the postal service.
    You have my highest recommendation for your company's service and the quality of the products you offer.