DGT Smart Board & Pieces

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King Height:
King Base:
Piece Material:
Extra Queens?:
Board Size:
20.5" x 20.5"
Square Size:

NOTE: This set comes with a board, pieces, USB Cable and software. Clocks are sold separately!

The DGT Smart Board is the latest addition to our range of electronic chess boards. It was specifically developed to be more affordable than wooden DGT boards to make live chess broadcasting more accessible and bring chess to a wider audience.

The boards are made of high quality plastic providing the same great functionality and user experience as existing wooden e-Boards.

Smart Boards can be used in many different ways at home, club or tournament. smart-board-with-pieces-and-dgt-pi-fill-437x263.jpg

Many different uses

  • Online Play
    • Play online against opponents from around the world using the Smart Board as your input device for example on Playchess.com. Your opponents moves (human or engine) are shown in the display of the DGT3000 chess clock that connects with the Smart Board. 
  • Recording Chess Games
    • Use the boards to record your games for later retrieval and analysis.
  • Computer Play, Training, Analysing & Study 
    • The Smart Board interacts with the strongest chess playing software and chess programs available on your PC or laptop. Add the DGT Pi chess computer to turn your Smart Board into your strongest sparring partner. Automatically store the games played for publication or analysis purposes.
  • Tournament Set-up
    • DGT Smart Boards are fully compatible for use together with existing wooden DGT e-Boards in a tournament set-up.
  • Live Internet Broadcasting
    • Use great new and free LiveChess software that includes a free Cloud Service to broadcast your games and tournament live via your website.

A USB cable is included to allow you to connect this board to one PC.   The DVD contains drivers, DGT LiveChess software, ChessBase Fritz14 chess playing engine and gives 100 days Premium Membership to Playchess.com.

To use the Smart Board in a tournament set-up different cables should be ordered.

For more information about the connections please see this article: Cable Connections for Smart Boards.

Innovative design

The DGT Smart Board has an innovative new design. The smaller footprint makes it appear the board is hovering on the table. The woodprint finish on top of the board is visually very appealing and looks just like real wood. The board is lightweight, thin and ergonomic making it easy to store and transport. The new board scans faster and at the same time has much improved energy efficiency.

The board is available with indices or without indices and is compatible with all DGT electronic chess sets both wooden and plastic. The board topside size is 52 x 52cm with tournament square size 55 x 55mm.

All benefits of electronic chess boards made affordable!

1 year Limited Warranty provided by DGT


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    Great buy.

    Posted by Jason Cornish on 30th Nov 2018

    I actually own both an original DGT board and now this new one. With the 100 dollars off and 20% off it was a steal! I can honestly say I would rather play on this plastic set and board than my original which was double the cost. It does not interface with lichess.org or chess.com. Only ICC and Playchess.com. I use it to study games and other things right now. You will not be disappointed.