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Mickey Mouse Collector's Chess Set

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King Height:
King Base:
Square Size:
Mickey Mouse Collector's Chess Set
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

Celebrate 90 Years of Magic with Mickey! This classic chess set features universally known and loved characters from Disney’s timeless franchise! Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, Pete & Goofy, and more stand in familiar positions on the board for one player to overtake their opponent’s pieces, making this set fun to play with for beginners and nostalgic for savvy folks!

What's Included:

  • Game Board
  • Rule Book
  • 32 custom pieces: Mickey and Minnie as King and Queen, Donald and Daisy as Bishops, Pete and Goofy as Knights, Pluto and Figaro as Rooks and Chip and Dale as Pawns.


  • 2" king with 1" base
  • 1.875" squares
  • Unweighted pieces