10" Compact Magnetic Chess Set

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King Height:
King Base:
No, Magnetic
Piece Material:
Extra Queens?:
Board Size:
10" x 10"
Square Size:
Board Material:
Plastic, Magnetic

Our small size Magnetic Travel Chess Set comes with a hinged, snap-closed plastic box that opens up to a 10 by 10 inch chess board with 1 1/16" squares and closes tight to store all the chess and checker pieces for travel or storage.

The magnetic chess pieces, which are much more detailed than you would expect, are ivory and black. The king stands 2 inches tall with 5/8 inch base. All of the chess pieces have magnetic bases keep them firmly planted on the chess board. Included are a set of checker pieces.  Due to the small flat shape, the checker pieces are not magnetic.
This chess and checker set is the perfect sets for new chess students or for those who want a nice playable chess set for traveling. It also makes a great (but inexpensive) gift or tournament prize. The chess board features algebraic notation on all sides and is made of durable plastic.

  • 10" x 5" x 1 1/2" closed
  • 10" x 10" x 3/4" when open
  • 2" tall King with 5/8" base
  • All chess pieces are magnetic
  • Comes with a set of 3/4" wide regular checkers
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  • 4
    Almost great

    Posted by Ryan Anderson on 8th Nov 2016

    Suprising amount of nice detail on the pieces. Good sturdy board. Magnets aren't too weak.

    My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 springs from the fact that the hinges which keep the board together when folding/unfolding it are made of plastic, and will wear out after being opened and closed enough times. Just like bending a paperclip over and over until the metal fatigues.

    I am just going to glue some tiny metal hinges on when the plastic 'hinges' eventually wear out.

  • 5
    User friendly portable chess set.

    Posted by Juan Bassett on 16th Sep 2016

    User friendly portable chess set is very convenient for game play and study.

  • 5
    Great little Set

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2016

    I didn't know exactly what to expect. I had already bought a small magnet set from another supplier and wasn't impressed. I also checked out a number of other ones but the cost seemed a little high. But this set for me is great. Its big enough you can place on your lap while studying a game or even big enough to even play with others. The magnet power is great no need to worry about them falling off the board with in reason.

  • 4
    Quick support of missing magnet in one piece.

    Posted by Rich on 7th Apr 2016

    Other than the missing magnet it seems just what I need to keep track of online games I play. Now I probably will need a few more.

  • 5
    A+ nice small set, does the job.

    Posted by John on 18th Sep 2015

    Magnetic chess pieces that I have seen come in two basic types. The type with punched out flat discs usually hold to the board very well but really require two hands to make a move. One hand holds the board and the other hand's fingernails pry the piece from the board. Its not all that convient if you need a third hand to hold something like a book, for instance. Chess pieces that have some height (like in this set) can be played one-handed but they have much more leverage if tilted. This makes them much more likely to lose their magnetic grip if handled roughly. All the pieces in my set hold to the board decently well. The board can even be inverted and they hold their position. I think that's the best you can hope for.

  • 4
    Great product

    Posted by Ken on 8th Sep 2015

    The board was perfect size as were the pieces. The surface feels nice and the magnetic strength is absolutely perfect. It's strong enough to hold the pieces on securely but isn't aggravating to play. Recommended.

  • 5
    Have set will travel

    Posted by Richard on 24th Jul 2015

    I wanted a chess set that wasn't too large and had pieces with magnets. This one fit the bill. It's just large enough for me to use for self study but is portable and not cumbersome.

    Yes, the pieces are rather small but it's perfect for my purposes.

    I've already used it while on vacation at the coast. I took a chess book with me and was easily able to study in a chair at my kid's music camp. Yes, yes, one time at band camp. That is a classic line!

    Buy this set. It works just fine for traveling players who have limited storage space.

  • 4
    Nice little travel kit

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2014

    I purchased the 10" magnetic kit after buying the 12" magnetic kit. The 12" is very nice but maybe a bit too large for travelling. The 10" kit is just right for carrying around. Possible downside might be that the magnets could be a bit too weak for the pieces, but I have not had any problems yet. The 12" kit is a little more substantial, but for convenience, the 10" is pretty good.

  • 5
    good value

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2014

    I'm very pleased with the quality of this chess set. It is an excellent value