House of Staunton Wooden Book Chess Set - Two Sizes

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King Height:
Extra Queens?:
Product Size (closed):
8" x 6"
Square Size:

This folding travel wooden chess set is perfect for display and play at home, office, or use on the road. It's beautifully designed in the shape and style of a book, so it's perfect for display on shelves and tables!

This set is made from quality materials and feature everything you need for a compact, space-friendly chess set. This chess set features a beautiful, high-gloss playing surface with magnetic pieces to match. Inside the board, you'll find room for each of the 32 chess pieces that are included. The surface of the board has a light magnetic pull, allowing your pieces to stay in place even with minor bumps and jostles.


  • 7/8" king
  • 7.25" x 5.25" footprint
  • 0.5" squares


  • 1" king
  • 9" x 7.25" footprint
  • 0.75" squares
Limited Warranty provided by the publisher.