A Practical Guide To Rook Endgames - CD Version

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Improve your understanding and play of these most important endings with comprehensive but clear explanations by one of the most respected chess instructors of our era.  As most players know, rook-and-pawn endgames represent approximately half of all endings reached in master games.  Therefore, it is absolutely vital that chess players wishing to improve their skill must thoroughly familiarize themselves with this critical part of endame study.  

System Requirements:  486 or higher (Pentium recommended) Windows 95 or newer, 16 MB RAM, CD-Drive.  There are four ways to open and run this program:  (1)  With Chessbase Light (free download); (2) With Chessbase 9.0 or lower, (3) With a Chessbase engine such as Frtiz; (4) Using the PGN verion with a PGN reader.

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