Chess Training - Bartashnikov: The Basic Principles of Chess Strategy Vol. 3

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With this third and last part of his course, Alexey Bartashnikov looks at decisive features of the endgame, in 20 chapters with 74 extensively annotated games. The author starts pointing out how to effectively realize a spatial, material or positional advantage. Middlegame features like the correct exchange and limiting the possibilities of pieces are investigated as well as positional sacrifices. Bartashnikov dwells on the difficult art of maneuoering in equal positions and fighting for the initiative before demonstrating the correct transition from middlegame to the endgame. Here he emphasizes the importance of king activity in this last phase of the game, the role of pawns and how to successfully employ the principle of the two weaknesses. Finally you can check your freshly acquired knowledge in ten test games sweating against the clock.


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