Power Play 5 - King: Pawns

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You might be a brilliant tactician or a fearsome attacker, but you wont always be able to apply these skills when you play. If a game takes on a quieter nature, it is crucial that you develop an understanding of pawn structures, pawn play and pawn weaknesses. In this fifth Power Play DVD, Daniel King discusses strong and weak pawn structures, isolated pawns and pawn islands, how to create pawn weaknesses, how to cramp a pawn structure, the power of centre pawns and much more.

Remember, weak pawns can decide the game. At the end of the DVD you can test your understanding of pawn play and pawn structures by examining a series of specially selected test positions. The Power Play series is suitable for anyone looking to improve their chess, but also provides ready-made lessons and exercises for a trainer. Video running time: more than 6 hours!

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    Power Play 5 - King: Pawns 5 Stars

    Posted by Art Cominio from Florida on 27th Apr 2013

    As with the first four DVDs in the Power Play series, this one has the characteristics Ive come to expect from Daniel King. He makes his points very clearly, and backs them up with more material (including variations) than most of us will be willing to examine in detail. As usual, he often covers the material at a very fast pace, so be sure you know where the pause button is. This DVD has a different format from the first four because here Daniel presents a number of test positions right up front. Then he presents the lessons, which are riddled throughout with additional questions for which you will want to pause the DVD and have the notation window closed. After the lessons, Daniel returns to the test questions and gives his analysis. Visiting the test positions both before and after the lessons is a good way to judge what you have learned. I found this to be the most challenging of his first five DVDs because some of the test questions are based on lines missed by Grand Masters in actual play. Daniel analyzes both the actual moves made in the game, and the better alternatives where there are ones. In my opinion, this DVD does not totally stand alone, and is best purchased along with Power Play DVD number six which further expands on pawn structures and pawn weaknesses.One of the fun things to do is to use Fritz 12 to find the occasional line which was not only missed in the game, but also by Daniel King in his analysis. There are not many of these, but there are some. For example, in Test Position 11 it is possible to prevent to the Queening of the black h pawn, but black still wins after a prolonged fight.