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Chess: Easy to Learn, Fun to Play

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Skill Level:
No. Pages:
Olga Dolzhykova and Timofey Galinsky
Year Published:
Chess: Easy to Learn, Fun to Play
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

With this book of little adventures, children will learn to play chess and be effortlessly engaged throughout thanks to the gripping mix of exciting characters and logical challenges.

The course is especially developed for young learners, whose attention span and abstract reasoning can be limited. In addition to the fun and engaging stories leading the way, the authors are using a systematic associative approach to explaining the abstract rules, moves, strategies and tactics of chess through concrete situations, objects and characters surrounding a child in real life, designed so children of all abilities will enjoy.

The course is perfectly suited to teaching either a class group or on a one to one basis. It has 28 lessons and 7 revision sections. At the end of the book you will find a final test and a certificate of merit.

Level 1 consists of a student book and three workbooks (sold separately).

Skill level: New to chess - Beginner

Limited Warranty provided by the publisher.