Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes - Mate in 2 Moves

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“Mate in 2 Moves” has many nice tasks were you will checkmate in 2 moves. There are  177 exercises sorted by topics and key role pieces. Great training for up and coming players as it is considered highly beneficial to practice tactics as much as possible. The faster you can get through it the better. 


"Chess is 90 percent tactics", as one grandmaster said. In chess, the calculation of forcing variations is known as tactics. It is important to have good strategic understanding and positional intuition, but you need to be able to spot and calculate concrete opportunities when they arise on the board.

Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes is a collection of different tactical motifs presented in a series of workbooks. Discover the various clever tactical ideas and concepts, and train your chess brain to become a deadly opponent!

The workbooks are arranged into chapters presenting tactical tricks in a clear way and provide plenty of instructive exercises for training.

Skill level: New to chess - Beginner

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