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Playing 1.e4 Caro-Kann, 1...e5 & Minor Lines

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Skill Level:
All Levels
No. Pages:
John Shaw
Year Published:
Playing 1.e4 Caro-Kann, 1...e5 & Minor Lines
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

Developing a punchy repertoire with 1.e4 requires extensive research, mixed with fine judgement and a good deal of creativity.

In a two-volume work, GM John Shaw supplies an ambitious and dynamic arsenal of ideas for White.

The repertoire is built around main lines, with many innovative suggestions that will cause no end of trouble to your opponents.

This volume covers the Caro-Kann, 1...e5 and various minor openings.

The repertoire will be completed by Playing 1.e4 - Sicilian & French.

John Shaw is a Grandmaster and three-time Scottish Champion.

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