Killer d4 Part 1

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approx. 7 hours
GM Simon Williams

In the first of this two part DVD series, I will be guiding you through an extremely aggressive repertoire based on 1 d4. Concentrating on gambits and sharp play, this opening has been my main weapon in becoming a Grandmaster. Learn my secrets as a Grandmaster in this 7 hour DVD.

This DVD covers:

 1) The Slav
 2) The Semi-Slav
 3) The Triangle Variation - Marshall Gambit
 4) The Queens Gambit Accepted
 5) The Queens Gambit Declined: 5 Bf4
 6) Albin-Counter Gambit
 7) Vienna Opening
 8) Ragozin Variation 4...Bb4
 9) 4...Nbd4 5 Bf4
10) The Tarrasch Defence
11) Conclusion/Overview of DVD 1

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