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DGT Chess Trainer Software

WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

DGT Chess Trainer Software

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DGT Chess Trainer covers all the rules and essential combinations.

This software begins at the very beginning – explaining the board set-up and how the pieces move. It builds from there, step-by-step, in the tradition of the famous TASC Chess Learning System, with 45 lessons supplemented by over 1500 exercises. As you learn and work your way through the exercises, it will grade your results, and also give you hints and tips if requested. A great interactive learning program!

This software is available in 6 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Dutch.

  • Step 1: (1) Board and pieces; (2) The chess pieces; (3) Attacking and capturing; (4) The pawn; (5) Defending; (6) Check, moving out of; (7) Mate; (8) Mate; (9) Castling; (10) The profitable exchange; (11) The twofold attack; (12) Mate or stalemate; (13) Mating with the queen; (14) The notation; (15) Tests
  • Step 2: (1) Piece activity; (2) Double attack with the queen; (3) The pin; (4) Eliminating the defense; (5) The three golden rules; (6) Mate in two moves; (7) Double attack with the knight; (8) Mating with the rook; (9) Double attack with the rook; (10) Discovered attack; (11) The abbreviated notation; (12) Tests
  • Step 3: (1) Completing the opening; (2) Discovered and double check; (3) Attack on a pinned piece; (4) Mate in two; (5) The square; (6) Pinned pieces; (7) Eliminating the defense; (8) Defend against double attack; (9) Draw; (10) The opening; (11) X-ray check and X-ray attack; (12) Key squares; (13) Defend against a pin; (14) Badly placed pieces; (15) Short planning; (16) Key squares; (17) Tests

The DGT Chess Trainer does not install on the hard disk but runs directly from the CD–ROM Drive.

  • Includes Fritz 12
  • 100 days of free premium access to