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Pawn Structure in Chess

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Andrew Soltis
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Pawn Structure in Chess
WARNING: May Contain Small Parts.

Pawns form the “playing fields” of chess, a semipermanent “structure” that can determine whether a player wins—or loses. This major update to the classic guide to pawn structure, written by international Grandmaster Andrew Soltis, teaches readers how to handle their pawns. He explains where best to place them, which pawns to advance or exchange, and why certain structures are good and others disastrous. Pawn Structure Chess is a must-have for everyone who plays. 

  • A comprehensive guide to handling some of the most important pieces on the chessboard - pawns.
  • Packed with tipes, tricks and examples showing how the skilful deployments of pawns can help you win the game.
  • Fully updated version of a chess clasic.
Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer.