PRE-ORDER - Play the Orangutan: 1.b4

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Carsten Hansen
Publication Date:
Sep 30, 2021
Notation Type:
AN - Algebraic
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The Orangutan, 1.b4, is also known as the Sokolsky opening, respectively named by the endearing name given to the opening by grandmaster Savielly Tartakower in 1924 after a visit to the New York Central Park Zoo or the opening's primary researcher and practitioner, Alexei Sokolsky. The opening challenges normal conventions by launching an instant attack on Black's queenside right from the outset of the game and leads to an interesting game where both players are challenged to play creatively right from outset. This book by experienced chess author Carsten Hansen presents a repertoire for White to help navigate Black's many tricky alternatives and lead White to a position of playing for the win.