Tap N Set Digital Chess Clock

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Zmart Fun
Platform Supported:
Both Android and IOS
Clock Type:
7.25" x 4.125" x 2.25"
Batteries Required:
2 x AA
Batteries Included?:

Frustrated by your current chess clock? Is it impossible to set? Are you tired of having to memorize various time control presets or confusing button push combinations? The TAP N SET™ programmable digital chess clock is for you! Set the time on your smart phone, tap the clock with your phone, and play some chess! It’s that easy!

TAP N SET™ is the world’s first chess clock settable from a smart phone. Download the app to your Android® or iOS® based device and you’re ready to set the clock. Just enter the time controls into the app and then touch the clock with your phone. Using patent pending NFC (near field communication) technology, the clock is instantly programmed. It supports one-, two- and three-time control games, increment/delay, optional move counter and even Freeze for FIDE-rated events. Unsure of the event time control? You can scroll through a list of 70 presets for the most popular US Chess time controls, or even create your own preset for even faster setting!

Don’t have your smart phone? No problem! You can manually program the TAP N SET™ clock like any other ZmartFun chess clock. This is truly the easiest chess clock to use!

The Tap N Set app is now available in Google Play™ store and and available on iTunes™

This clock requires two AA batteries (not included). The clock is backed by a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

*NOTE:* Most smart phones have NFC (near field communication) capability, which is what this clock uses to communicate with your phone for time controls. Please check your phone's capabilities! If your phone doesn't support NFC, this clock will not work with your phone.