Rules Every Chess Player Needs to Know - Colorable Flash Cards

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Dave Schloss
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One of the most important aspects of winning in chess tournaments is knowing the rules. This set of 40 flash cards can help beginners, kids, and others learn important rules that can mean the difference between a win or a loss.

These colorable flashcards feature many rules, with the question on one side and both the question and answer on the other so they can easily be used with one or two people.

All cards have been reviewed for compliance with USCF rules.

Example of how a coach or teacher might use the cards

The coach gets up in front of the class and asks one question at a time using the cards. The first child to give the correct answer gets that card to color. No one is allowed to win a second card until all of the other children have won at least one card first. Also, no one is allowed to start coloring until the coach is finished asking the questions.

 After everyone has at least one card and all questions have been asked, the children can begin coloring. They’re told that the best looking card, (judged by someone other than the coach, if possible) will win a prize. (This coloring time also allows the coach to get a break from teaching.)

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