Fritz & Chesster Volume 3: Learn to Play Chess

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Fritz and Chesster is one of the best-selling chess programs in the world. It is aimed at young beginners (and their parents!) and involves inserting a CD into a drive and showing the very young child how to use a mouse if that is at all necessary. Then step back and watch a new chess player emerge. Within a week or two the child will challenge you to a game and you better keep your wits about you!Fritz & Chesster is an unforgettable chess adventure, designed to advance young chess players' skills, move by move. It contains mini-games, brain-twisters and other attractive diversions. You pick up chess tips and skills as you ride in bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. Polish up your chess strategy and tactics, opening, middle game and endgame, and use what you've learned to win.With Fritz & Chesster you'll have lots of fun while you learn more about the serious business of playing and winning chess! The third iteration includes the following:

  • Introduction of the chess clock
  • Thinking things through
  • Opening scheme
  • Tactics: diversion, interruption
  • Removing the defender
  • Recognizing mates
  • Types of chess (blitz chess, capture chess)
  • Endgame training
  • Key squares
  • English and German Language options
  • And lots more

System Requirements: Mutlimedia PC: Pentium II 233 processor, 32 MB RAM (16MB free memory), 16-bit soundblaster compatible sound card, 16x speed CD-Rom drive, Graphics card: resolution 800x600 pixels (16-bit colour), Win ME/XP

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