Fritz Trainer - Aagaard: Attacking Chess Volume 1

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Attacking chess not only an important subject, but also a very important one. Jacob Aagaard has chosen a very beautiful example for his introduction, which illustrates important factors required for a successful. This is followed on this CD by 10 more files in Chess Media Format; these constitute an entertaining and instructive introduction to the art of conducting an attack. In total there are more than three hours of top class video training on the CD. Video running time: 3h 13min
The Danish International Master Jacob Aagaard, 30, has already published a whole array of chess books, including the prize-winning Excelling at chess.
The subjects of the lectures are as follows:

  • 01 Introduction 22:23
  • 02 Include all pieces in the attack 1a 15:35
  • 03 Include all pieces in the attack 1b 13:41
  • 04 Include all pieces in the attack 2a 22:23
  • 05 Include all pieces in the attack 2b 13:55
  • 06 Development and pace in the attack 1a 15:51
  • 07 Development and pace in the attack 1b 13:04
  • 08 development and pace in the attack 2a 13:30
  • 09 Development and pace in the attack 2b 29:19
  • 10 Color Schemes 1 16 :57
  • 11 Color Schemes 2 17:50

You need Fritz 8 or newer installed on your computer to use this CD. All the lectures are presented in their entirety with video pictures and synchronized chess graphics. There is no better way to explain chess. This is how chess training can be real fun!

System Requirements: PC 233, 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse, Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, 2000, Me, 98, Windows Media Player 9, Fritz 8 or newer.

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